2014 Highlights: SEO, Leads, Mobile, SEM & More

2014 Highlights for Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, Mobile Development, Search Engine Management & More

With 2014 in the rearview mirror, there are few better times to recognize our successes, in order to deliver an even better 2015 for our clients.

After a review of our clients’ performance across various marketing channels and mediums, I’ve compiled a list of our standout performances from 2014. These exceptional performances occurred in SEO, lead generation, social media advertising, mobile traffic, phone calls and more. And, I’m proud to say our agency had a direct role in achieving all of these strong results.

Below are some of our most notable performances from 2014 — broken down by channel / medium — that we’ve delivered for clients in 2014.

Note: Client names and/or websites have been withheld to protect their confidential information.

1. SEO

258% & 225% Gains in Year Over Year Traffic Shown Below


2. Mobile Web Traffic

102% & 62% Gains in Year Over Year Mobile & Tablet Traffic Shown Below

Mobile II

Mobile Traffic

3. Car Dealership Leads

100%-2,000+% Gains in Year Over Year Car Dealership Leads Shown Below

Leads Leads II

4. SEM: Search Engine Marketing

75% Increase in Year Over Year Search Engine Marketing Traffic, Plus Reduced Bounce Rate, Shown Below


5. Social Media Advertising

3.4% for CTR Facebook Ad Campaigns & 1% CTR for Twitter Ad Campaigns, Shown Below


Fb ads Twitter Ads

6. Phone Calls

+51% Total Calls, +35% Sales Calls and +66% Service Calls from Website — Year Over Year — Shown Below

Calls I Calls II


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