Why and How We’re Evolving Beyond the Digital Agency Model

Our Founder’s Perspective on how Lincoln Digital Group is Becoming the Marketing Agency of the Future…Today

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Business — especially the marketing business — changes in the blink of an eye. Getting right to it, the “digital agency” model is dead, and we’re evolving to better serve our current and future clients as a result.

We believe today’s businesses need more than a “digital agency” to get them to next level. “Digital” is now table stakes. Clicks and conversions are un-compelling and cookie-dependent, among other drawbacks.

These are some of the reasons we’re evolving into a marketing agency that focuses on maximizing lifetime value. And we’ve reinvigorated significant portions of our toolkit, training regime and tactical approach as a result (CTV-2-ZIP Streaming, or Net Promoter Score, anyone?)

Lincoln Digital Group, a Digital Marketing Agency (that Maximizes Lifetime Value)

“Digital” marketing commonly views creative, campaigns and conversions as the start and finish of any given initiative. That cycle often repeats itself until one day it “ends” with that agency or partner. But realistically, “marketing” starts well before creative is made, and ends…well, does marketing ever really end?

Alternatively, CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE ENGAGEMENT (CLE) — or “full-lifecycle” marketing— is a marketing approach that focuses on maximizing the customer’s entire lifetime business relationship with company. There’s not a finish line because instead of a campaign or conversion, you’re focused on the complete customer journey. 

*Client Voice* WAIT! Will LDG Continue to Lead My Ad Campaigns, Social Media and Websites?

Don’t panic. The answer is absolutely, yes. CLE doesn’t abandon our core expertise or go-to-market solutions (we are still a marketing agency, after all). It simply builds on them by leveraging decades of combined expertise and hands-on practical knowledge to more comprehensively and intelligently deliver maximum marketing effectiveness to our clients.

Fundamentally, a Consumer-Focused Agency. Practically, A Brand Builder

Beginning with Branding and strategy, continuing to go-to-market executions, and following through to re-orders, Net Promoter Score and Lifetime Value (LTV) measurement, customer lifecycle engagement focuses on more than acquiring the the click or even the first sale. It’s about what happens after that, such as the next sale (or up-sale), or a referral, or measuring customer satisfaction and prompting brand advocacy.

It’s the big picture that occurs before and after any given visit, lead or side. It’s marketing meets service innovation meets business intelligence and attribution, plus strategic training and coaching to individuals and teams. Again, all of it logically designed to maximize Lifetime Value (LTV) — not clicks or cost per sale — for Brands.

In our view, this is the game the best marketing minds are embracing right now. And make no mistake about it, my ambition is to become among the best in the world at what we do — certainly the best agency in the world with a focus on the high-value customers in South Florida.

Unlike the traditional digital agency model, I firmly believe the approach described above is more aligned with desired end results when a CMO, CEO or decision maker chooses their agency. It’s the present and the future of how B2C marketing experts can help Brands and businesses become smarter, more impactful, and ultimately more profitable with how they engage their audience.

At the end of the day, isn’t that a primary reason we’re all in business?

Looking Ahead to the (Very Near) Future

You’ll soon see much more from LDG on this topic. For now, I’m excited to welcome you all into this new era of Lincoln Digital Group. Thank you for your continued support.

Justin Cerone

Founder & CEO

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