Graphic Design and Creative Agency Services

Creative Agency Services

Graphic Design and Creative Agency Services

Our West Palm Beach Creative Agency Motivates Your Audience to Take Action

From branding to graphic design, animation and video, it all starts with a desire to grow your business. Our creative agency services helps you connect with your audience, stand out from the competition and motivate them to buy.

So that we can deliver the results you’re seeking, our creative services team plans and implements solutions to specific challenges standing in the way of your growth — such as awareness, category consideration, lead generation and direct sales. 

Our Creative Services Transform Your Growth

  • Brand identity (logos, color pallettes, etc.)
  • Website graphics
  • Social media graphics
  • Animation and illustration
  • Video production
  • Print ads

And you can see more of how we lead your creative from internal idea to audience action here.

What is a Creative Agency?

A creative agency is a marketing company that specializes in designing and/or producing the different types of marketing assets — logos, messaging, digital banners, videos, audio ads, and print collateral — that the audience ultimately is served. Its primary mission is to use visuals and messaging to create connections with the ideal buyer.

Contrast this with a media agency, which specializes in buying (or placing) media, but does not work on the creative which ultimately appears in that media.

Creative services span both traditional and digital mediums. They encompass the disciplines of branding, graphic design, print design, copywriting, storyboarding and video production. A company that can deliver on all of these disciplines — like Lincoln Digital Group can — is capable of providing creative agency services to their clients. 

Benefits of a Creative Agency

The benefit to using a creative agency is both consistency and the likelihood to achieve the strongest possible results. Because visual marketing disciplines like graphic design and branding are most effective when they are appear integrated and cohesive throughout the shopping process, choosing one agency to create your entire buyers’ journey — both online and offline — makes it much more likely your prospect has the confidence to take the action you want them to take: become a customer.  

If you’re looking for a graphic design and creative agency proven to deliver results that motivate consumer audiences to buy, you want Lincoln Digital.

Unique Advantages of Lincoln Digital Group as Your Creative Agency

Lincoln Digital Group is South Florida’s premier graphic design and creative agency for consumer brands. But, our advantages don’t end there. We’re an expert B2C agency that knows how to build powerful, effective brand messaging that connects with your ideal audience and motivates them to act.

Our creative services team understands every aspect of crafting a strategy that achieves those brand connections and delivers results. We’ve done this for businesses in nearly 25 different consumer verticals, not only Nationwide, but in Central America, South America and Canada as well.

As a result, audiences have reported being 56% more likely to buy from our clients after viewing our creative. How could an advantage like that transform your business growth?

Steps to Delivering Our Creative Agency Services 

Proven effective over nearly a decade of consumer marketing, these are the core tenants of our creative agency services:

  •       Discovery and Research

Understanding your ideal target audience, and the most important reasons why they buy a product or service like yours, is an essential first step to developing creative that connects with them. We are particularly effective developing creative that resonates with the affluent consumer audience in South Florida.

  •       Messaging Creation

With a clear understanding and insight into your ideal consumer audience, we get to work developing your core brand messaging. We employ a modified Storybrand approach that speaks to the customer like a character in their own movie, positioning your brand as the expert guide that leads them to a transformational outcome.

  •       Visual Concepting

This stages adds complementary visual assets — be it graphics, animation or full video — to integrate with and support the core idea of the messaging. From moodboards to concept colors, type kits, comprehensive layouts and storyboard development, this stage is where the visual connection comes to life.

  •       Design or Production Execution 
By seamlessly integrating messaging set with the best visual concepts, this final stage is where the go-to-market assets are created or produced. It’s where the visceral connection that speaks to your ideal buyer comes to life in the form of either graphic design, print design or motion graphics and videos. 

Examples of Our Creative Agency Work 

See How We Help Brands Look their Best