Graphic Design Trends in 2018: How Lincoln Digital Group Leads the Charge

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Now that 2018 is upon us, a lot of people are looking to the new year and wondering what comes next. For anyone who has a year of marketing ahead of them, that means considering the latest trends in graphic design.

So what will any graphic design agency with an eye for the future be doing in 2018? Let’s take a look.

3 Graphic Design Trends for 2018

  • Letting the product do the talking

In 2018, you’ll see a lot more design that centers around bold photos of the product itself rather than an overabundance of text. The idea here is to let a great product speak for itself, perhaps accompanied by a concise, impactful tagline.

  • Emphasis on the brand

Just like there will be more focus on the products themselves, you’re also going to see graphic design that puts the brand logo front and center. In 2018, a sale is made by a strong brand with a strong product. Cluttered design is a thing of the past.

  • Consistency among channels

This year you’ll see more brands embrace graphic design that is consistent across channels, from websites to social media, apps to print advertising. Essentially, this means finding a graphic design agency that has a high level of cohesion between its various teams.

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At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re committed to harnessing the latest graphic design techniques and trends to ensure that our clients receive cutting edge marketing campaigns that never look dated or out of fashion.

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