What Improving Brand Consideration can Solve this Year

Brand consideration is defined as a consumer’s likelihood to purchase from your brand.

That’s a simple way of saying that brand consideration can make or break your sales efforts. And when you look at it that way, it’s a concept that’s pretty damn important – to say the least.

But for all its importance, how to assess or affect brand consideration is still a murky concept to many business leaders and marketers.

Experienced professionals often have an intuitive feel for how it may be helping or hurting your business’ growth, but, because the concept is relatively nebulous and somewhat all encompassing, even these seasoned professionals aren’t exactly certain where it’s coming in to play. Or, how, specifically it can be fixed.

That’s where our West Palm Beach digital marketing agency comes in – to clarify the process, share our expertise, and offer a proven solution.

Our Experience with Transforming Brand Consideration for Businesses

We know what it’s like to feel like there’s a disconnect in your brand (and what to do about it). Over the past year alone, Lincoln Digital Group has helped no fewer than a half-dozen clients solve issues related to brand consideration.

We’ve had a front row seat to how these problems – afflicting both established and new businesses – have frustrated Owners, CMOs, and Marketing Directors. We’ve also seen how a brand re-fresh, re-brand, messaging re-write or all-new website can transform its perception for the positive and place it on a reliable, repeatable path to growth.

Why Does Brand Consideration Matter Right Now?

Our expertise has also shown us that brand consideration problems (or opportunities) can come from various corners of your brand touchpoints – and, at any time.

So as many businesses begin 2022 by charting their goals, I believe it’s as good as time as any to break down brand consideration, pinpoint its causes, and how we can help you fix or improve your brand consideration in the new year.

Do you want to go from feeling out-dated to modernized to start the year? Do you want to end the feeling that there’s a drag on your opportunity pipeline, making every day a grind for reasons you’re not quite sure of?

Do you simply want to begin a new year on a refreshed note to better connect with your audience or break into a new market?

However you wish to grow in 2023, chances are our brand consideration solution can help revitalize your branding and re-invigorate your marketing efforts.

Here are some very common areas where your brand consideration may be trailing your competition, and how you can improve your brand consideration this year.

What Aspects of a Brand Impact its Consideration?

While price and the perceived ease of purchase certainly play a factor in a consumer’s likelihood to purchase from your brand, these three elements have the most initial impact on brand consideration:

  1. Branding (eg. logo, color scheme, typekit)
  2. Messaging (ie. copywriting)
  3. Website

These elements directly correlate to the first impression your brand makes on its audience. They set the tone for how you’ll communicate with your audience, and what type of experience they can expect from you.

When executed effectively, you’ll likely lead your prospects down the path to purchase, and have a thriving new business pipeline with significant brand loyalty.

If you get them wrong, prospects won’t feel a connection, and won’t be compelled to take a next step, much less move down the path to purchase ultimately buy from you. That’s not a problem you want to start a new year burdened by.

Common Problems Improving Your Brand Consideration will Fix

Both new and existing businesses have these problems. Even great marketing organizations experience in some form or fashion:

  • Outdated logos or business identity elements
  • Ineffective messaging or copywriting in your marketing materials
  • Outdated website design or functionality
  • Our experience tell us, your business is experiencing one or more of them right now in the middle of 2023

Why not do something about it before the many fresh opportunities of a new year pass you by?

What Outcomes does Enhanced Consideration Help Deliver?

When you improve your brand consideration, you can count on one or more of these outcomes positively impacting your business:

  1. A fresh look and feel to your brand creates a connection with your audience
  2. Messaging that connects with your audience to create a reliable lead generation pipeline
  3. A website that is easier to use and easier to take next purchase steps on
  4. Improved overall appearance and enhanced perception vs. your competitors

And when you do it with our start-to-finish brand consideration solution, you can count on improving all of them. Why not start now?

What Steps can You Take to Fix Your Brand Consideration?

The biggest impacts are made in enhancing your logo, re-writing your messaging, and re-designing your webpage. Our expertise has taught us a start-to-finish solution that does all three delivers exceptional value to many consumer marketing brands.

Schedule a discovery call to start this process for your business today.

Why Take these Steps Now?

  1. Improving your brand consideration is not an overnight process. When done right, it requires significant thought, planning and execution to complete.
  2. Your competition isn’t standing still.
  3. It’s never too soon to get on the path to reliable, repeatable growth.

Examples of Improving Brand Consideration: Work and Testimonials

Ready to take the next step toward improving your brand perception and opportunities in Q3, Q4 and beyond? See examples of how we’ve transformed other brands with this proven solution, the results we’ve had on their lead growth, and what their executives or owners say about working with us.

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