The Future of Full-Service Marketing Companies

Learn How Your Marketing Service Will Be Delivered in the Future


It’s no secret that the realm of marketing has changed dramatically over the past 20-30 years. The rise of the internet, mobile phones, and other technologies has revolutionized how brands can interact with their audience. With more changes forthcoming, we thought we’d take a moment to look as a few ways your relationship with your marketing service will change in the near future.

3 Forecasts for Online Marketing

  • Your agency will be more of a partner than a provider.

Historically speaking, the agency-brand relationship was on a firm service provider-client basis, but as online marketing has become ever-more essential to every aspect of a business, marketing service agencies are becoming more like partners than providers. This will allow for marketing efforts that are more aligned with a business’s vision and goals than ever before.

  • Improvisation will be increasing important.

For the longest time, marketing strategy was more or less fixed. Now as new tech platforms emerge at an increasing rate, the ability to seize on novel opportunities and improvise outreach solutions will be essential.

  • Content (of all kinds) will still be king.

As Bill Gates once informed the world, “Content is king.” While that will remain true, what is going to change is the variety of content that will be needed to create effective ad campaigns. Moving forward, brands will need to leverage an ever-widening range of content for distribution across the growing number of tech channels.

Partner with an Advertising Agency that Looks Forward

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve built a reputation for being an advertising agency that looks for cutting-edge online marketing solutions. When we provide marketing service, we think of our client as our partner in an endeavor to make robust campaigns that will help drive success no matter how the space changes.

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