[INTERVIEW] How Our Digital Branding Solution Transformed a South Florida Company


[INTERVIEW] How Our Top Digital Branding Solution Transformed a South Florida Company

…And How Our Digtial Agency Experts can do the Same for Your Company 

How can you grow a consumer’s likelihood to purchase from your brand? Otherwise known as improving your brand consideration, we recently sat down to speak to Justin Cerone, our digital agency’s CEO and Creative Director, to learn firsthand about the finer details about how we provide companies with a top digital branding solution to their perception challenges. 

We’ll explore this in the context of a recently completed client re-brand portfolio project with Posh Theory to help give you a concrete idea of how our specific solution helps fix poor brand consideration.  

Q: Can you give an example of how your digital marketing company works to improve brand perception for clients?

A: A recent success story that illustrates our ability to identify new opportunities, deliver reliable results, and grow consumer businesses is the work we did with Posh Theory, a multi-media production company based in South Florida. 

Q: What prompted POSH to seek to improve its brand consideration in the first place? What were they dissatisfied with?

A: They were aware that there was a disconnect between what their brand said in terms of its color scheme, Typekit and its overall appearance — and the type of customers they wanted. 

Q: What kinds of things would signify a “disconnect”?

A: Their messaging wasn’t reaching the type of clients they were aiming for. For example, they were trying to reach high-end clients in hospitality public relations firms and high-end hotels. However, they didn’t think that they had a high-end, or posh, look and feel. Their problem was that their outward appearance didn’t resonate with the segment of target customers they had. We realized that there was a disconnect between their Typekit and their branding identity. Their messaging was also not making the connection to their ideal target audience. Ultimately, their brand perception needed to make the target clients want to make a purchase. 

Q: And the end result?

A: Without giving away details about their business, I’ve been told it’s helped to open doors and create partnership opportunities that were not on the radar even a short time ago. However, what’s even more important, especially with branding, is the tangible improvement to their perception. That’s what shines through at the end of the process; that’s created more opportunities and created more of a desire for high-end clients to work with them. They leveled up in terms of their outward appearance. 

Steps to Delivering Our Top Digital Branding Solution

Q: How did the process work? What comes first when a potential client reaches out to Lincoln Digital Group?

A: We are a full-service digital marketing agency that offers top digital branding and the best creative and web design services. 

  1. First, we schedule a discovery call to assess an initial fit.
  2. Next, we’ll do our diligence based upon the first call, then schedule our “Victory Planning Meeting.”  We ask one key question: how do you know you’ve been successful — or achieved victory — in this effort? 
  3. With this information, we have everything we need to messaging and the branding. It takes us about 2-3 weeks to deliver the initial messaging concepts and foundations and roughly 3 weeks to deliver the initial brand concepts. 
  4. All things considered, within 4-6 weeks, our client will have the full initial concept for how the messaging will be rewritten and how their identity can be transformed.
  5. From there, it’s all about feedback — how quickly we receive it, and how quickly we implement it to clients’ satisfaction. 

Q: Why are brand and identity so important?

A: People understand this intuitively, but I don’t think they always understand the business rationale. When branding appears natural, when it makes a connection with you, when it just feels like it sets itself apart, you get a feeling in your stomach of affinity toward that brand. It’s what we know as ”the warm and fuzzies,” so to speak.  And that affinity is what makes you want to complete a purchase with that brand. 

Q: How does this affinity for a brand work?

A: Part of the reason for it working is that subconscious connection. When you have that affinity, you feel that the brand understands you better, you feel that it’s more aligned with what you want, and you feel that it’s more reflective of your values. It just feels more natural to you. And that’s a feeling that a top digital branding solution helps to create. 

Q: This is a business advantage?

A: Yes, it’s a business advantage because there is a myriad of different segments of buyers and brands out there – and not every brand is successful at creating that affinity. For example, if a customer’s values require a high-end modern brand, then a brand like Walmart is not going to connect. Or vice versa: if the client’s values are value-oriented and mainstream, a brand like Neiman Marcus is not going to connect. This is why branding and identity are really important for making that connection with your ideal target: it’s what separates that brand in the buyer’s mind from everyone else. 

“The separation between your brand and all of the other companies in the market is what inspires the desire to buy.”

The Best Creative and Web Design Come Together

Q: After the work on brand and identity, what’s the next step in the process?

A: This is where we work on the website.

Q: How do you determine the functionality of the website?

A: It’s really key to our overall process of full-service digital marketing. At that very first discovery call we ask “What does success look like to you?” Sometimes people will immediately answer, “I’ll know I’m successful when I get more inquiries or more appointment requests, or if more people watch this one particular video. We take the answer to that question (what their key buying action or step of interest is) and we design functionality around that. In other words, it’s all centered around one question:

What is the key buying action that you want your ideal prospect to take? 

For example, do you want your ideal prospect to make an appointment, to buy directly online, like e-commerce, to schedule a discovery call, or to watch a particular piece of content? 

Our goal is to create a website that is:

  • Easy to use and take the next purchase steps on
  • Better in overall appearance and perception than your competitors’ websites

Q: How quickly does the website roll out? 

A: We have a rapid rollout. It won’t be perfect or complete yet, but we start with some examples and inspiration and then go into some test links. From there we go into development to get rapid feedback so we can get to the finish line as soon as possible. 

Q: What are you most proud of in the Posh Theory project?

A: We are really proud of how well everything came together: the branding, the messaging, and the website. The two former parts really shined on the latter. Since we did those things effectively, it set POSH apart. You’re not going to see another production company that speaks to this particular audience of hospitality PR groups and high-end hotels the eay they do. It looks like Posh Theory. It has its own identity; its own voice; it’s got its own look and feel. It’s truly an example of what a top digital branding solution looks and feels like when done executed at the highest possible level.  

We did some things with the navigation of the website, especially on desktop; we also conceptualized their service buckets on the home page. The POSH website is now very sleek, very impactful. There’s not a pixel of wasted space. The way we integrated all of the key elements: the rebranding, the messaging rewrite, and then the website user interface and user experience – they all feel extremely natural together. 

Q: What makes Lincoln Digital Group unique in its approach?

A: I believe that businesses don’t buy services or packages; they buy solutions to their problems. 

“What sets us apart from other full service digital marketing teams is our unique ability to work on all aspects of brand challenges to deliver an integrated solution.

We know that true success comes from rebranding, messaging, and creating a new WordPress website with one unified approach. If a brand’s perception is subpar, a single integrated approach will provide far greater value than a piecemeal approach where these three services are sold individually. We possess the start-to-finish capability to deliver all three.”

Understanding Prosepct Needs: The History of Our Top Digital Branding Solution

Q: How did Lincoln Digital Group come up with the concept of brand consideration?

A: After noticing the inquiries we were getting and paying attention to the market, we realized that when people say they need a new logo, a messaging rewrite, or a new website, it’s often because their brand perception or their appearance is subpar. What that means is that people aren’t considering them for a purchase. When you don’t look good, when your website stinks, when your messaging doesn’t speak to them, buyers subconsciously disqualify you. That means that your problem is that your brand consideration is in the toilet. That’s no way to survive. 

“So, our digital agency packaged these three things that solve brand consideration: brand identity, messaging, and website into one solution — which means that the client gets all of these individual problems solved in one comprehensive manner.”

Not only does our client get their main problem solved, but they only have to deal with one digital agency, one point of contact, and one integrated approach. It’s more convenient and expedient for them – and they also get greater value. 

Choose our Full Service Digital Marketing Team to Reinvigorate Your Brand

“We’re big on formula, we’re big on repetition, and we’re big on taking everything that we know works and making it a little bit better each day. That’s our bedrock.,” Cerone said. “So when you inquire about revitalizing or transforming your business’ brand with Lincoln Digtial Group, you know you’re getting a tried and true brand consideration solution that works.”