Link Suppression Services
If you’re like most people, link suppression is the solution you (likely) never knew about to the problem you currently have (or had, or will have again at some point in the future).


Simply put, link suppression is the practice of suppressing a negative link (ie. Search result) from appearing prominently on a search engine. It’s otherwise known as link removal or negative search suppression.


The important thing isn’t what this practice is called, but what it does — which is ultimately kick the negative search result that’s bothering you all the way back to page 2, 3, 4 (or worse) on Google, Bing and its competitors.


The “how” a link gets suppressed is detailed — and we’ll get into some of those details here. But, the “why” someone would want or need this is a better place to begin.

How Can Link Suppression Help You?

The answer is simple. Do search engines show your:


Criminal record? 


The link can be suppressed.


Embarrassing photo(s)? 


The link can be suppressed.


Bad publicity? 


The link can be suppressed
    • Note: Don’t confuse bad publicity with bad reviews. There is no such thing as a legitimate review suppression or removal service.


Outdated personal profile(s)? 


The link can be suppressed.


Sensitive information, like a home purchase, lawsuit or bankruptcy? 


The link can be suppressed.


Business competitors attacking you? 


The link can be suppressed.


Details that you don’t want people seeing when they search your name, your spouse’s name, your childrens’ names, or your business? 


You guessed it…the link can be suppressed.


How is Link Suppression Successfully Executed?

At its core, link suppression is a form of SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization. SEO results are changed by content creation, link building, and on-site keyword optimization — which are all things a quality digital marketing agency should much experience in.


Each case and search result in question is unique because each site appearing in the search results for any given link is unique. Therefore, there is no one size fits all plan or approach to successfully suppressing a link. We know because we’ve been asked to suppress links belonging to websites ranging from gossip rags to the Department of Justice — and each of which required a much different plan.


Generally speaking, suppressing a link comes down to how quickly and effectively we’re able to generate more “authority” in the eyes of search engines than the offending site (ie. undesirable result) has.


See, search engines operate based upon the concepts of domain authority and page authority, which are akin to credibility. And since search engines want to serve the most authoritative, credible results to their users — which therefore creates repeat searchers in light of their good experience — he who has the most credibility for a given term wins.


Quantity and quality of new content, backlinks, cross-links and other search engine optimization tactics are all factors when suppressing links. Further, in some really tough, high-profile cases, we’ve even had to build multiple new websites to host content for our client’s cause — so it’s important you hire an effective digital agency that’s versed in a variety of SEO and web development arenas if you want lasting link suppression.

How Quickly Does a Negative Link Become Suppressed?

Bearing in mind that each case has a unique circumstance and degree of difficulty, the average time for effective link suppression in our experience is 2.5-4 months. That’s with a healthy plan against a moderately difficult link to suppress.


One way the timeline for suppression is accelerated is by compressing the services and resources into the initial two months. Not every budget permits this, but the more work we’re able to do in months 1 and 2, the more likely the link will be suppressed sooner than later.


Otherwise, it’s a case of slow and steady winning the race. There are far too many ins and outs of Google’s algorithms to detail here, but suffice to say that quality and consistency pay dividends in Google’s eyes — and they’ll ultimately knock that ugly link down for you.


Is There Such Thing as Guaranteed Link Suppression or Removal?

Absolutely not. There are no guarantees on search engines, period.


Don’t walk, RUN, away from any company that tells you otherwise.

I Think I Can Benefit from Link Suppression. How Do We Start?

It all begins with research, so the starting point is providing a link suppression company like Lincoln Digital Group with the negative link(s) and the search terms they appear for.


From there, we perform a brief Q&A on your background and your personal or business goals in order to formulate some positive search results related to your goals.


Why, you may ask?


Because it’s one thing to simply suppress a negative link. It’s another thing entirely to displace that search result with positive content for your name, business, etc. Recall the saying “turning a negative into a positive”…that’s what this does.


With our research complete and overall content topics agreed upon by you, we then get to work with all the technical aspects of SEO and web development that have made link suppression successful for our clients.


Ready to learn more about next steps for suppressing your negative search results? Contact us today.