West Palm Beach Auto Ad Agency Strategies


There are a number of strategies to choose from when building marketing campaigns for your car dealership, but in the end they tend to fall under one of three categories. When working with a West Palm Beach auto ad agency, it will likely offer one of the following.

3 Auto Marketing Strategies for Your Car Dealership

  • Digital-only

The main benefit to building a 100% digital campaign is that you can track every penny spent. However, this tactic runs the risk of losing ground in terms of real-world mindshare.

  • Traditional-only

While traditional non-digital campaigns have historically delivered results, in the modern marketplace they miss a lot of opportunities to reach consumers online. Traditional media can also be very costly to keep running at all times.

  • Digital/Traditional Integration

By building a strategy that seamlessly fuses digital and traditional marketing, you ensure that your campaign is always turned on, and that it’s reaching potential customers in the most places possible.

Recommendation from Our West Palm Beach Auto Ad Agency

Depending on a dealership’s goals and budgets, any one of these strategies can be effective. Our West Palm Beach auto ad agency has made each of these work for a range of clients. In the end, however, we tend to recommend the digital and traditional integration to ensure maximum impact.

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