About Lincoln Digital Group

Providing Digital Marketing Solutions for Leading Businesses Worldwide


Founded in 2013, Lincoln Digital Group™ is a full-service South Florida marketing and advertising agency that delivers high-quality digital marketing solutions to Brands in the United States and abroad. We specialize in helping medium- and large-sized companies reach and convert affluent, high-end consumers across various marketing channels. We’re also experienced serving publicly-traded and international corporations.

Thanks to good fortune, a talented team and a commitment to results, Lincoln Digital Group has helped some of the most notable and well-reputed businesses in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Tampa grow sales and evolve their brands.

Our delivered outcomes have either transformed these businesses into market leaders, or expanded the size of their market-leading positions — making us The Digital Experience Leaders™.

    1. We conduct our business according to our values of solving problems and creating opportunities via a high-performance environment.
    2. We align our incentives with yours so that your success is our highest priority.
      1. We do not charge by the hour, because value creation is not correlated to time.
      2. We will not gain from any platform, service, or partner recommendation.
      3. We will provide full transparency into pricing and contracts.


  1. We perform all work in the USA.
  2. We act in client best interests, which means no shortcuts, no compromises and no deviation from our quality and ethical standards.
  3. You will own all works created for you.

Proudly a West Palm Beach, Florida digital agency, Lincoln Digital Group is selected by clients for our responsive service, deep digital knowledge, innovative solutions and large-scale viewpoint — all of which help our clients grow conscientiously, cost-effectively and with the big picture in mind.

Let’s talk about how we can help: Dial (561) 815-5015, or follow the link below.


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