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Discover How Consumers Interact with Digital Media in the Area ABOUT THIS STUDY It is intended to give business leaders and marketing decision makers a perspective into the consumer digital media landscape in the West Palm Beach DMA It spans the past 12 months – from October, 2022 to October, 2023: This is a critical […]

How AI is Impacting Web Design and Digital Branding

Web Design Aesthetics

There’s no question that Artificial Intelligence is transforming most industries, from retail and travel to agriculture and transportation. It’s all around us. You probably don’t even think about all the ways you use AI in your everyday life, like when you unlock your cell phone using image recognition software or when you use a navigation […]

Essential Paid Media Advertising That Improves ROI

Media Buying

As the owner of a business, you know that continual growth is crucial to your company’s success. Paid media advertising is one of the tried-and-true ways to expand your customer base and increase revenue. In today’s crowded media market, the stakes are too high to leave these decisions to chance. But how do you know […]

The Essentials for Building Brand Equity

Lincoln Digital Group: The power of brand equity

Building brand equity is a marketing strategy for creating intrinsic value for a brand by creating a strong and recognizable identity, establishing a favorable reputation, and forming an emotional connection with consumers. Brand equity is essential for a business to succeed and to differentiate itself from its competitors. A brand that commands loyalty on name […]

Unlocking Business Growth through Effective Web Design: Digital Agency Services

The role of digital agencies, internet marketing services, and WordPress expertise in West Palm Beach In today’s digital age, having a website is essential for any business looking to grow and reach new customers. However, simply having a basic website is not enough. The design and functionality of your website play a crucial role in […]

[INTERVIEW] Brand Consideration: How Our Comprehensive Digital Branding Services Re-imagined Automotive Marketing for a Tampa Dealership

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Learn How Our Full-Service Digital Marketing Team Can Do the Same for Your Dealership Automotive dealerships have unique needs when it comes to marketing and branding. Independent dealerships are up against staggering competition from the public companies in the auto industry, which often boast some of the nation’s biggest marketing budgets – to say nothing […]

Protecting the downside?

Is Your Media Buyer Protecting Your Downside? In an unpredictable environment with extremely constrained resources, doing so is essential now more than ever. Especially when you’re buying the most consumed and desirable live programming (ie. DVR-proof) there is — sports. Case in point: Last night’s Sunday Night Football game was widely billed as one of […]

Working Remotely, Effectively: Sharing 7 Years of Our Experience


West Palm Beach Digital Agency Lincoln Digital Group Reflects Upon Nearly a Decade of Operating a Remote Model — and How it Can Help Your Business By now, you’re likely aware that COVID-19 is substantially disrupting how the global workforce assembles, communicates and performs its work on a daily basis. The virus has caused, and […]

SEM Conversions: Q1 Results vs. 2018 and Nationwide Benchmarks for Automotive

SEM Automotive Results

With the first quarter of 2019 officially in the books, there’s no better time to compare and analyze year over year performance. As we did in publishing our 3-year automotive and consumer SEM conversion study in January of this year, we’ll be comparing the following data points to spotlight comparative year over year performance: Lincoln Digital Group […]