How AI is Impacting Web Design and Digital Branding

There’s no question that Artificial Intelligence is transforming most industries, from retail and travel to agriculture and transportation. It’s all around us. You probably don’t even think about all the ways you use AI in your everyday life, like when you unlock your cell phone using image recognition software or when you use a navigation app to avoid gridlock on your way home from work.

Savvy marketing pros are also increasingly using AI to reach target audiences, speed tasks such as web design, and assist with content management systems. In 2021, the market for AI in the marketing industry was estimated at $15.84 billion, and it is projected to increase seven times that amount to $107.5 billion by 2028.

Read on to learn about how AI is shaking up digital branding, content management, and web design – for the better!

1. Web Design Speed

While AI won’t replace web developers, it can work in tandem with humans to significantly reduce their workload by analyzing data and suggesting design adjustments. The designer can then carefully choose which option will be most advantageous. Or, a designer can sketch and scan in a few images, enter some parameters, and AI can then provide curated user interface visuals that align with your company’s digital branding.

2. Customized Content Management Systems

AI can help your company personalize your content to a specific group of people – or even specific customers – within your audience and help those users find new content based on their prior viewing patterns. In a recent survey, 84% of digital marketing executives said using AI and ML improves their ability to provide clients with real-time, personalized experiences. The result? Greater conversion rates to help grow your business.

3. Improved Google Analytics Search Capabilities

More intelligent algorithms require smarter SEO strategies. AI software can perform topic and keyword research much more quickly than humans can. By tracking and analyzing the performance of a website in real time, AI can identify and improve issues, making the job of your SEO professionals much easier! AI can even tag images, so your SEO experts don’t have to do so manually, leaving them free to delve into more important tasks. This can result in faster and more effective website optimization for better search rankings. In addition, web analytics services are finding more and more innovative ways to use AI to help you better understand your customers. Later this year, Google is set to unveil a new version of Google Analytics that is expected to enhance search results with original, AI-generated content.

4. Greater Customer Engagement

Chatbots, powered by AI, stimulate human conversation. In today’s competitive marketplace, customers demand increased engagement, and chatbots help accomplish that in a variety of ways, such as providing them with instant one-on-one responses or sending images and videos to help customers understand your product or service. Perhaps most crucial, chatbots provide better customer service, helping solve their problems more quickly so they don’t have to endure slow replies.

5. Email Marketing

A trusted marketing professional can maximize the usefulness of AI to create more compelling email marketing campaigns for your business. With the help of AI, your marketing partner can analyze your customers’ behavior and preferences and send emails in response to their specific activities, such as sending them during the best time of day based on their time zones and other habits. More tailored email campaigns mean your audience is more likely to purchase a product or respond to a call to action.

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