Is Your Media Buyer Protecting Your Downside?


In an unpredictable environment with extremely constrained resources, doing so is essential now more than ever. Especially when you’re buying the most consumed and desirable live programming (ie. DVR-proof) there is — sports.

Case in point: Last night’s Sunday Night Football game was widely billed as one of the marquee match-ups of the year. Two legends, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, were leading two strong teams and going head to head for likely one of the last times ever — in primetime, no less. 

The game was set to be a no-brainer ratings bonanza. We bought one :30 for a local client during the last break of the program. We sensed there was elevated risk in the timing of the spot, but if the game went down to the wire as many expected, our client was perfectly placed for maximum visibility. 

Instead, we got a dud. 

The game was never a competition. 28-0 in the first half. Final score: 38-3. 

I can almost guarantee you more people were watching in the stadium than they were at home when our client’s spot ran around 11:15pm. 

Why aren’t I panicked, you may ask? 

Because we protected the downside with a ratings guarantee. 

What’s that mean? 

It means we first agreed on a baseline audience rating figure, and resulting cost per rating point, with the NBC affiliate. If the game underdelivered on that audience benchmark, our client would be made good by paying a lower cost for the spot equivalent to the under-delivered ratings points, or receive free air time commensurate with the under-delivered audience figures elsewhere on their network. 

In plain English, it means we built-in a discount mechanism that enabled our client to only pay for the actual audience reached — not the projected audience reached, which is typically how such buys are agreed, regardless of audience delivery. 

Instead, our client was protected and in-line for unique financial preservation the morning after the game. Good thing, too — they’ve already texted me twice asking how big their discount is. 

Is your media buying agency protecting your budget with unique arrangements in an unpredictable time? If not, are you certain they’re preserving your resources like its their own?

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Creative Services: Good Design = Great Business

How and Why Strong Visual Connections Drive Greater Brand Revenue






What do all of these things have in common?

They all have the ability to create connections with an audience. Better yet, your audience.


Because when done effectively, design and the attributes of appearance inherently generate an emotional response. The aesthetic of something — a logo or website design, for instance — can attract us on a uniquely human, subconscious level.

This means we can’t fight effective design; when we see something that grabs our eye, it draws us in and often speaks to a part of us we rarely knew existed…until that logo or website or ad is singing to us like our favorite musician.

And by that point, the brand behind the design can almost guarantee you’ll become a customer. Because when a brand’s design successfully makes this connection, humans intuitively feel a preference for that brand.

Good Design Influences the Subconscious, and the Subconscious is Your Buyer

Our subconscious makes us believe that because we really like the appearance of something, the brand behind that visual “gets us.” It understands what’s important and demonstrates good taste — more accurately, our taste — we say to ourselves.

And who wouldn’t prefer to do business with a brand that understands us better than the others?

The scenario described above — the visual discovery and resulting connection a consumer makes with a brand — drives itself down the purchase consideration chain, while subconsciously planting the seed of brand presence.

Simply put, it’s exactly how effective design in business marketing is supposed to work.

And pointedly, if the impact of effective creative wasn’t massive, there might as well not be any marketing or advertising fields at all. If what we lay our eyes on wasn’t proven to move us as humans, then there’d be no need to show us anything persuasive. Thankfully (selfishly), we know the opposite to be true in both cases.

Effective Design…It’s Moved You Before

Think about your favorite logo, website, ad or font. Almost everyone has one.

Chances are, you know exactly why it’s your favorite. There’s something about the color, typekit or layout that you latch onto, because the end result reflects what you (more accurately, your subconscious) believe to be the best. The ideal. How things “should be.”

And I can almost guarantee you’re also a customer of this brand who’s logo, website, ad or font you love.

Now, for the MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY as it relates to your brand experience described above.

Every other consumer is wired the same way. They too have the capability for those same experiences that you had; the ability to be moved and driven to purchase as the result of a visual connection — with a brand’s design being the starting point of it all.

Leverage Creative Design Services to Generate Dollars

Smart businesspeople recognize they must spend money in order to make money, and good creative can be a great investment. But if you still don’t believe good design is great for business, think again.

Better yet, look again. And then imagine how our creative services can help your business thrive.

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3 Tips for Improving Your Graphic Design in 2019

How to Create Graphic Design that Converts

Porsche Marketing

Everyone wants their business to feature design elements that look great, but pretty visuals shouldn’t be your final goal. In the end, what matters more than anything is having graphic design that converts viewers into customers.

To that end, we thought we’d take a moment to share three ways you can achieve sales-friendly graphic design.

3 Ways Your Business Can Achieve Effective Graphic Design

  • Think clarity, not clutter.

Few things will lose a sale faster than over-cluttered graphic design. If a potential customer views your ad or website and can’t figure out what is being sold and how they’re supposed to take action, your design has failed. Prioritize clarity of message above all else.

  • Keep things consistent.

Consistency is essential to crafting a strong, memorable brand. That means keeping your design elements cohesive in terms of fonts, colors, icons and imagery, and across various channels.

  • Partner with a creative design team.

Some things are best left to the experts. If you want to ensure that your graphic design is exceptional, partner with a creative design agency that has a track record for crafting visuals that convert.

Lincoln Digital Group: the Leading Graphic Design Agency in West Palm Beach

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re proud of our reputation for being among the leading creative design teams in West Palm Beach. We’ve achieved this by working tirelessly to provide our clients with eye-catching design that establishes memorable brands.

If you’re looking for graphic design that converts, Lincoln Digital Group is here for you.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our graphic design company at (561) 371-4272 or contact us online today.

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How to Create Effective Graphic Design in West Palm Beach

Graphic Design that Works for Your Audience in West Palm Beach, Florida

west palm beach

There are few things that will help maximize your marketing efforts like utilizing effective graphic design, but what exactly does that look like? Your visuals need to be tailored to the market you’re targeting, which means you want to craft your graphic design for West Palm Beach. Here are a few ways to achieve this.

Tailor Your Graphic Design for the Florida Market

  • Location accuracy is important

You need graphic design elements that will transport your audience into the story of your product or service. If you use generic imagery that is obviously from a different city or climate, it breaks the spell. Be sure to create visuals that are accurate to West Palm Beach and the wider Florida market.

  • Portray the right lifestyle

West Palm Beach is a vibrant, lively place to be. It’s a place of sun and sand, bright colors, and a fun, high-energy lifestyle. That being the case, you need graphic design that is reflective of the way West Palm Beach residents live.

  • Hire the experts

Achieving pitch-perfect visuals is nothing short of a science. In other words, you might be better of leaving it to the experts so that you can get back to doing what you do best—running your business. Hire a creative design agency that has an extensive background working in the West Palm Beach market.

Partner with a Creative Graphic Design Agency that Knows Florida

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve spent years providing outstanding graphic design in Florida, with an emphasis on the West Palm Beach market. In other words, we know how to create stunning visuals that speak to your audience.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our graphic design agency at (561) 371-4272 or contact us online today.

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In the following blog series, we’re going to walk you through both high-level and granular levels of reporting and what it means for your expense monitoring and channel performance tracking efforts. We will review dozens of SEM campaigns and the results they brought; likewise for international Facebook campaigns and display campaigns to various audiences throughout the United States and select worldwide markets individually.


We’ll endeavor to show you how to achieve a total marketing program cost per lead, by appropriately weighting and combining the relevant cost metrics.


We will show you how to isolate cost per lead down to the market, channel and individual ad unit combination. And we’ll also reveal some tips forimprovement.


This probably isn’t what you’re used to seeing (or hearing) from an agency, but we believe have nothing to hide. We believe in transparency. And we act on that belief through the level of reporting detail and dissection available in our dynamic web-based reporting tools. They can be pretty eye-opening, and we like to share them.


First, let’s begin with a glossary. You can’t grow what you don’t know, right?


About Lincoln Digital Group and Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in doing everything. Or doings thing just to do them. But in today’s day and age, almost everyone wants everything for the same price as one of things — and thrice as fast. We’re small and focused, yet leverage well in orderto operate a full-service model.


We pride ourselves on being nimble providers of high quality digital goods and results, and our thoughts and priorities are designed intently to help you fuel growth and focus on the big picture. Nothing more, nothing less.


We believe that in digital marketing, with limited resources that people all around the world need, businesses must choose what metrics or categories they’re going to be the leader in, and which simply aren’t as important.


You may be wondering: who are these people, and why I should listen to their thoughts on digital marketing? I believe our team’s results speak for themselves:



*Image heavily blurred to protect unique identification and/or unnecessary disclosure. 


What this Table Means for Ad Performance and Expenses


Year over year, we achieved an overall cost per lead decrease of 22 percent throughout Q2 in 2018.


Couple that performance with a 21 percent increase in conversion rate — the rate at which you convert visitors into leads (conversions) year over year —and you have the landscape for incredible prosperity from a digital lead-generation operation.


We also increased total conversions — not simply paid search conversions — by 61.28% year over year, across the board…and 45% for SEM conversions in particular.


We have delivered similarly impactful growth results for large businesses, the automotive industry andprominent brands throughout North, South and Central America since 2013 — when we first launched.


This Series, Your Benefits and Other, Future Content from LDG

Moving forward, we plan to post other case past and recent (blurred/redacted) results from our performance. We also plan to reflect upon unique results or challenges in mini-case studies, everywhere those opportunities present.


If we’re not proud to share it, that’s a sign to us in its own right.


By the time this initial mini-blog series is all said and done, you’ll know how to track and identify the costs and cost-effectiveness of each of your marketing channels.


You’ll also see how far each marketing dollar goes toward reaching certain audiences, and how each of those audiences may be different and should be cost-balanced accordingly.


It may even help you predict seasonal trends that we come close to repeating themselves time in and time out.


We look forward to helping you grow online. From good to great, medium to large, large to huge, our aim is to share real results for real learning. See you back here soon.


-Justin Cerone
Lincoln Digital Group

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