Creative Services: Good Design = Great Business

How and Why Strong Visual Connections Drive Greater Brand Revenue






What do all of these things have in common?

They all have the ability to create connections with an audience. Better yet, your audience.


Because when done effectively, design and the attributes of appearance inherently generate an emotional response. The aesthetic of something — a logo or website design, for instance — can attract us on a uniquely human, subconscious level.

This means we can’t fight effective design; when we see something that grabs our eye, it draws us in and often speaks to a part of us we rarely knew existed…until that logo or website or ad is singing to us like our favorite musician.

And by that point, the brand behind the design can almost guarantee you’ll become a customer. Because when a brand’s design successfully makes this connection, humans intuitively feel a preference for that brand.

Good Design Influences the Subconscious, and the Subconscious is Your Buyer

Our subconscious makes us believe that because we really like the appearance of something, the brand behind that visual “gets us.” It understands what’s important and demonstrates good taste — more accurately, our taste — we say to ourselves.

And who wouldn’t prefer to do business with a brand that understands us better than the others?

The scenario described above — the visual discovery and resulting connection a consumer makes with a brand — drives itself down the purchase consideration chain, while subconsciously planting the seed of brand presence.

Simply put, it’s exactly how effective design in business marketing is supposed to work.

And pointedly, if the impact of effective creative wasn’t massive, there might as well not be any marketing or advertising fields at all. If what we lay our eyes on wasn’t proven to move us as humans, then there’d be no need to show us anything persuasive. Thankfully (selfishly), we know the opposite to be true in both cases.

Effective Design…It’s Moved You Before

Think about your favorite logo, website, ad or font. Almost everyone has one.

Chances are, you know exactly why it’s your favorite. There’s something about the color, typekit or layout that you latch onto, because the end result reflects what you (more accurately, your subconscious) believe to be the best. The ideal. How things “should be.”

And I can almost guarantee you’re also a customer of this brand who’s logo, website, ad or font you love.

Now, for the MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY as it relates to your brand experience described above.

Every other consumer is wired the same way. They too have the capability for those same experiences that you had; the ability to be moved and driven to purchase as the result of a visual connection — with a brand’s design being the starting point of it all.

Leverage Creative Design Services to Generate Dollars

Smart businesspeople recognize they must spend money in order to make money, and good creative can be a great investment. But if you still don’t believe good design is great for business, think again.

Better yet, look again. And then imagine how our creative services can help your business thrive.