The Theresa Moriarty Project: Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Consulting Project for The Theresa Moriarty Project

With their redesign of, Lincoln Digital Group continues to raise the bar of digital marketing services with web development and more. As one of LDG’s staff copywriters, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Cerone, our Founder, CEO & Creative Director, and Christina Trkalovska, our Art Director, to discuss one of their latest projects, a redesign and relaunch of actor/model/writer Theresa Moriarty’s website and online presence.

As we spoke, I got a feel for how Lincoln Digital Group approaches a project as robust as a complete web overhaul including graphic design development, and got some key insights on the “behind the scenes” work that goes into projects like this – and while I’m at it, if you haven’t seen the new, go take a look. It’s gorgeous!

Graphic Design Approach to the The Theresa Moriarty Project

In giving Theresa Moriarty’s website a  graphic design makeover, the first step was to get to know the woman herself. She’s a creative force – actor, model, and writer – so her web presence needed to encompass all that she is. In order to accomplish this, Lincoln Digital Group utilized one of the core tenets of strong design: Less Is More.

The new Theresa Moriarty site features very little text, and utilizes elegant images of Ms. Moriarty herself to sell her work. In terms of brand identity, LDG understands that in the entertainment industry, how you brand yourself is as important as how a Fortune 500 company crafts its own identity. To this end, a custom nameplate was created exactly to Theresa Moriarty’s specifications. The result is a personalized, professionally designed logo that is unique to her.  The site’s designer, Christina Trkalovska, had this to say about the design:

From a design perspective, it turned out really well. It wasn’t a style I’d created previously, but I really like the elegant, minimal design. Many sites have so many elements that they actually make you tired – this one is a nice visual break, I’m really happy how it turned out.

—Christina Trkalovska





Digital Marketing Consulting of The Theresa Moriarty Project: Goals & Strategy

When asked about the site’s goals and strategies, Theresa Moriarty had two simple thoughts: “I want people to know who I am, what I do, and what I’m doing at the moment,” and that a web visitor should never be more than two clicks away from contacting her directly. With these instructions and their extensive digital marketing consulting expertise, LDG crafted a simple, elegant website that showcases its subject in a marvelous front-page splash slideshow. The site’s menu system appears organically as visitors hover over the minimalistic “hamburger” icon above the slideshow, leading the viewer through the site’s content in an intuitive and unimpeded way.

When asked about developmental strategies, LDG President Justin Cerone emphasized the group’s commitment to designing digital content that looks and behaves exceptionally on any platform:

From a development standpoint, the biggest consideration was how to accommodate all the media on mobile devices. The two mobile platforms are the predominant platforms, but those data connections aren’t to the point where we can put large photos and still have a “snappy” experience. So our challenge was finding the best way to engineer the site so that if someone visits from a smartphone they don’t spent half a day downloading all the images.

—Justin Cerone

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Take a look at the group’s work on Theresa Moriarty’s website.




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