Consistent Online Growth

Creating a Sustainable Path to Consistent Online Growth
  • Category Discovery: SEO
  • Content Creation: Video and GIFs
  • Client Retention & Reactivation: Email marketing

When established businesses reach out to a marketing agency, it’s often because they know they want to change their growth trajectory. But they also know they need the consistent, expert support from a proven agency partner to create sustainable, repeatable success online.

When Florida Kickboxing Academy reached out to us, they already had a vision of how and what would help them grow through their previous – however short-term – success with SEO and video content. They needed the reliability and execution we could deliver to help them level up.

This prior client experience made creating a comprehensive set of consistent growth solutions straightforward to begin executing.

Category-based on-site SEO positioned them to reach more people already looking for what FKA had to offer – such as muay thai training and cardio kickboxing services. New SEO content not only strengthened the on-site SEO approach, but also positioned the client as the best option in the area through effective, persuasive messaging. And the off-site SEO element helped substantially grow the authority of the site by acquiring backlinks from other reputable domains.

Then, to help tell their story more effectively and create appeal of their services to a wider audience, we shot and edited three unique videos to promote their teachers, facility and classes. Those videos made it clear that from kids to adults and experts to beginners, FKA can get you in the shape – or fighting shape – you want to be in with expert instruction.

Lastly, a 5-email sequence targeted to lapsed email addresses – people who had taken a few classes, but not many – was implemented to help make the most of FKA’s list of email addresses. With a ROI of roughly 35X over the past few years, email marketing was a cost-effective, low-risk, high-reward approach to helping FKA re-capture and re-activate revenue opportunities that can place their gym on an even more sustainable path to growth over the next year to eighteen months.

See the full set of solutions below.

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