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A Web Development Company for Any Economic Environment

How Choosing the Right Full Stack Web Developers Create a Business Advantage in any Economy

Today’s news in America is practically non-stop gloom and doom about the economy. Inflation is raging. Gas prices are climbing to unprecedented levels. Consumer confidence is shrinking. And, for the cherry on top, all this has led to predictions of a recession within the next year almost everywhere you look.

There is seemingly no end in sight to the negative outlook shared by economists and armchair experts alike.

Before we go too far down that road, I want to make one thing clear: This is not an economic projection blog. I am not forecasting any particular economic climate.

But, is a blog that’s responsive to the times. It’s written to help business owners and marketing leaders understand how to use digital resources — and more specifically, their website — to gain business advantages, and maybe even some peace of mind.

So, what do you do if you’re a consumer business? How can you be prepared for both the worst case scenario? And, more importantly for those with a positive mindset, how can you capitalize on the best case?

Our Web Development Process is Designed to Facilitate Business Growth

Web Development Process

In our experience, the best websites are results of the best process. A strong process very often leads to strong profits for website owners. And, in our case, that process is centered around a few key principles:

1. Establishing the Key Buying Action: Our web design process begins first and foremost with a discovery meeting to identify the key buying action you need your users to take in order for your website to be able to help your business grow. In some cases, that’s a direct purchase. In others, it’s scheduling an appointment. In others still, it’s signing up for a newsletter. Whatever that key buying action for your business is, the best websites are designed to not only spotlight it, but to funnel users toward it. It is the center of the universe.

And that is why websites that focus on the key buying action from square one make the biggest impact on the bottom line — no matter what the economy is “doing” that day.

2. Adding Value through Digital Services and Experiences – The most effective web development processes ask questions about business needs and challenges. Invariably, that means gathering valuable insight into how customers are served, and what would improve their experience with the business. Understanding existing shortfalls or problems creates the opportunity to solve with them by innovating new digital services or experiences to close the gap.

Case in point: When the pandemic first set hold in 2020, almost every smart car dealership launched automated pick-up and drop-off scheduling tools for their service department. This enabled web users to select where they wanted their car picked up and dropped off, and when. One particular version we built and launched was dubbed “Valet.” Was it a necessity for many dealers to survive? Yes. But was it also a new way to add value and convenience to the customers through digital tools? Absolutely. And that’s something that creates an advantage and loyalty in any economy— as indicated by the fact this service has now come to be the norm in the market.

3. Using Technology to Facilitate Transactions at Scale – This is arguably the most critical point when it comes to protecting a business in a downturn. By nature, technology has strong economies of scale. That means if and when things get tight, it can both help keep overhead low, and generate incremental revenue at low or no additional costs — great for profit margin. That means everything from game-ifying incentive or discount options — such as the popular “spin to win” pop-up, which collects email addresses in exchange for email addresses and phone numbers, to forms that capture and send information to the business even when the user does not finish or “send” the form, and automated reminder emails or texts for when a user has left something in their shopping cart.

This is only scratching the surface of how technology helps facilitate the “next step” in the sale process for nearly any business. And they are steps that work well in any economy.

4. “Snappy” UX – This point is no secret, but it’s so often overlooked in the process. Speed and ease of use win — always. Those two attributes also are the main contributors to a strong User Experience. We plan our User Experiences to be fast, frictionless and facilitating next steps from the start. And that’s a major part of what creates winning websites.

Choosing the Right Company for Web Development Positions You for Success in All Scenarios

Between competition, market saturation and economic concerns on the horizon, the stakes have almost never been higher for businesses that rely on their digital presence to succeed. Unfortunately, too many websites are commoditized, short-sighted, and simply miss the mark when it comes down to facilitating next steps that truly move the revenue needle, increase customer loyalty and grow the bottom line.

But when you choose a web development company that truly understands your needs, your key differentiators as a business, and your customers’ perspective, you’re much more likely to gain a value-additive website that does not just serve as the face of your business — but one that helps you deepen customer connections and create new paths to opportunity growth. In short, you gain a website that positions you for success in all scenarios.

That’s exactly what our proven web design framework and process at Lincoln Digital Group is designed to do. Ready to move toward victory? Schedule a discovery call today.

Celebrating Our 9th Anniversary

Premier West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency Has Specialized in B2C Marketing Since 2013

Lincoln Digital Group, a 2022 Global Agency Awards Finalist for B2C Agency of the Year, has recently celebrated its ninth anniversary in business.

“We are tremendously thankful to be celebrating nine years in business,” said Founder and CEO Justin Cerone. “I’m grateful to every team member, client, and advocate we’ve been fortunate to work with since 2013. I sincerely hope we’ve made each of them better off along the way.”

Over the past nine years, Lincoln Digital Group has served public, private, franchise and multi-national businesses in more than one dozen international markets. During that time, primarily due to its clientele in retail automotive and luxury goods, it gained deep expertise in consumer (B2C) marketing. It further developed a specialized focus in connecting with affluent audiences on behalf of premium Brands.

Formed nearly a decade ago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, the agency’s original “DBA” license was filed in May of 2013. The entity then moved to Florida in 2016.

“From our beginnings in Chicago to our most recent years in South Florida, the experiences gained working with the variety of clients we have has been incredible. The constant exposure to different challenges, and the ability to delivering record-setting results on behalf of genuinely remarkable business leaders and Brands is an invaluable experience.”

“In some ways, nine years is a long time. But we’re still getting better each day. We’re skilled, committed, and simply want to win on behalf of our clients. I know there are many more businesses that we can help take to the next level. I can only imagine the excitement and growth awaiting us in the future,” Cerone concluded.

Lincoln Digital Group has a proven digital marketing framework for solving business challenges related to branding, opportunity creation, purchase consideration and paid media. Consumer businesses with needs or opportunities in any of these areas are encouraged to contact us for an initial consultation.


lincoln digital group

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lincoln Digital Group™ Unveils New Brand Identity

Lincoln Digital Group™ Unveils New Brand Identity

Agency’s Evolution Guided by Theme of “New Look, Same Record-Setting Results”

Lincoln Digital Group™, the leading West Palm Beach digital marketing agency, is pleased to unveil its new brand identity to the general public.

“New Look, Same Record-Setting Results” is the theme of Lincoln Digital Group’s updated appearance.

“We’re the same agency team, using the same proven marketing framework that has achieved record-setting results month after month for our clients. It’s the same proven, repeatable approach for gaining market share and brand consideration for consumer businesses throughout South Florida, the United States and Latin America. But now, we’re doing it with a modernized appearance reflective of the quality and results we deliver to our clients,” said Lincoln Digital Group Founder & CEO Justin Cerone.

This is the first significant logo change and brand identity update since the agency was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2013.

On the inspiration for the change, Cerone commented “It was time for an updated look. One as proven and reliable as the framework for success that our clients repeatedly enjoy. That inspired the timeless black and white new primary scheme.”

“Another goal was to evolve the use of our bedrock orange color to reflect our viewpoint. Orange represents creativity — but creativity needs to be focused and in support of a strategy in order for it to add the most value. So you see less orange in our new identity than before, but used more effectively,” he said.

Lincoln Digital Group’s updated use of gray represents balance. In this case, the balance between the emphasis it places on creativity as well as results, which is rare to find in any one agency.

“Over the years, we’ve become experienced and proven in our results, and sophisticated in our approach. But our brand appearance and perception simply did not communicate that to our audience. Ironically, that’s a problem we helped about a half-dozen clients fix with re-brands and new logos before unveiling our own. Our Brand Consideration solution is designed to solve exactly this type of challenge,” Cerone concluded.

The “new look” Lincoln Digital Group is unveiled during what has already been a milestone month of May for the West Palm Beach digital agency. On May 2nd, it was announced they had been recognized as a “Top Digital Agency” by service provider marketplace UpCity.

The following week, it was announced that they are currently a finalist for B2C Agency of the Year by Global Agency Awards — one of four agencies out of more than 300 initial entrants competing for the ultimate honor.

You can discover the new identity on Lincoln Digital Group’s LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram channels today.


Global Agency Awards 2022 Finalist Banner



Global Agency Awards 2022 Finalist Banner
Global Agency Awards 2022 Finalist Banner

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, MAY 5th, 2022Lincoln Digital Group™, a West Palm Beach digital marketing agency specializing in consumer marketing for luxury and premium brands, is proud to announce that it has been named a finalist for B2C Agency of the Year by Global Agency Awards.

Lincoln Digital Group entered the competition – and has now been named a finalist for the annual award – based upon the strength of its most recent work.

“I’m grateful to our clients for giving us an opportunity to demonstrate that we are a high-performance agency that prioritizes quality. As I routinely reviewed our collective performance over the past year, it became clear that we were doing something uniquely special. It’s humbling and exciting to be named an Agency of the Year finalist as a result,” stated Lincoln Digital Group Founder and CEO Justin Cerone.

Global Agency Awards Judges look for “agency expertise across SEO, content, social, branding, PR, advertising and paid media. An agency that…created a strategy and is maximizing their influence and dominating the market.”

“Month after month, we set new performance records for our clients. One campaign delivered a 77-times return on ad spend. The consistency and quality of performance reached a point where I said to myself ‘the team deserves an award for this.’ Now we’re a finalist to win a major one,” Cerone continued.

Lincoln Digital Group is competing against two other US agencies and one in Germany.

Notably, LDG is the only agency based in the State of Florida. It is also the only B2C Agency of the Year finalist that focuses on the lucrative high-end consumer audience.

“While we have not yet won, I’m already thrilled for our team. They accept demanding challenges and respond by delivering extraordinary results for our clients. Those outcomes have placed Lincoln Digital Group in an exclusive global group of agencies. Our team deserves every ounce of recognition they receive.”

The B2C Agency of the Year winner will be announced June 16th in the United Kingdom.



Contact: Lincoln Digital Group

Name: Justin Cerone

Phone: 561-815-5015 x 4

Email: justin@lincolndigitalgroup.com

top west palm beach advertising agency

NEWS: Lincoln Digital Group Recognized as a Top West Palm Beach Advertising Agency

Lincoln Digital Group™ is pleased to announce that our agency has been recognized as one of the top advertising companies in West Palm Beach by UpCity. Lincoln Digital Group currently enjoys a perfect 5-star rating on the platform, as reviewed by its previous verified Clients.

Lincoln Digital Group is also listed by UpCity amongst the top automotive ad agenices,  and creative agencies, in South Florida.

What Makes Lincoln Digitial a Top West Palm Beach Advertising Agency

If you’re a Florida consumer business looking to enhance your opportunities and brand perception online to achieve your business goals, look no further than Lincoln Digital Group. We’ve helped countless B2C marketing brand clients optimize their spend and maximize their budget by tailoring our proven digital marketing framework to their specific needs and challenges. Our dedicated experts get to know your business inside and out so we can reliably and repeatedly generate the type of opportunities that help you win your market. This is only one reason our West Palm Beach-based company has been recognized by UpCity as not only one of the best West Palm Beach advertising agencies – but also throughout the United States.

top west palm beach advertising agency

UpCity is a resource that helps connect businesses to service providers they can trust. With more than 70,000 listed providers—from marketing agencies to accounting firms to HR consultants to IT specialists, and many more—2 million businesses (and counting) have visited UpCity to research and identify the best partner for their needs.

UpCity’s proprietary algorithm utilizes a variety of digital signals to measure the credibility, trustworthiness, and recommendability of B2B service providers across the U.S. and Canada. These digital data points like reviews (both on UpCity and other third-party review sites), presence in relevant search results, domain authority, website speed and experience help UpCity connect businesses with outstanding service providers like Lincoln Digital Group.

Dan Olson, CEO of UpCity, had this to say about the Lincoln Digital Group team:

“Lincoln Digital Group is ready to tackle your most difficult business needs. We’re glad to have them as part of the UpCity community.”

– Dan Olson, CEO, UpCity

Said Lincoln Digital Group Founder and CEO, Justin Cerone, “Thank you to the UpCity team for recognizing the tireless commitment and dedication to client success that our team brings to work daily. We simply aim to deliver the best outcomes possible through high-quality work. We’re humbled this approach has resulted in us being named one of the top agencies in West Palm Beach – and we look forward to continuing to improve each day.”

Ready to change your growth trajectory with a top West Palm Beach advertising agency? Schedule a Discovery Call with Lincoln Digital Group today.

Videos: Product Launch Marketing

A proven framework to with video


When it came time to launch the all-new DHX Plus, a tankless electric water heater with capability and reliability that led its product category, we knew we had a lot to say. Using a theme of “the most advanced, capable and reliable” in the teaser video, we created a framework that created excitement out of the gate, and left plenty of room for subsequent videos to tell more of the story.


At Lincoln Digital Group, we believe we execute a proven effective framework and formula with sequential storytelling that makes a marketing video effective. After cutting through all the clutter with an initial teaser video, we produced longer “why buy” story that focused on the total package — utlimately creating longer multi- and single-attribute messages to highlight both the benefits of individual features and unify the entire product launch theme.

How Our Digital Content Marketing Videos Help Our Clients Create Awareness on Day One

If you truly want to stand out, you need something that goes above and beyond what typical video marketing services offer. 

According to Hubspot research, more than 50% of consumers prefer to see videos from their favorite brands as opposed to other forms of advertising. The click-through rate of videos vs. banners is 7.5 times higher.

But producing video content isn’t enough to make your brand stand out; you need to produce quality video content.

When your company is getting ready to launch a new product, countless hours are spent on many different aspects across your business. When you’re finalizing the details of getting your new product’s image and details out there for the consumer to see, we now know that a video campaign is an essential tool.

What Makes a Marketing Video Effective?

The short answer is: consistency and focus. The longer answer is a consistent theme and story — in this case, the product was the most advanced, capable and reliable — with a focused message in each video to drive home each of those “why buy” attributes that a prospect considers before making their purchase decision.

And it takes an experienced consumer marketing agency to see things as your prospect would.

While exact revenue figur you need marketing, you need quality videos that tell a story, which can significantly enhance your brand’s appearance. Our goal is to help your brand set itself apart to deliver reliable results and transform its growth.

Superior video marketing brings superior results. So when you’re ready to launch your latest, greatest product and begin winning your market — in a competitive field, no less — schedule a consultation with us. We’ll discuss your challenges and then make a victory plan based that leverages our proven product launch video framework and nearly 10 years of go-to-market experise