Brand Identity Design Services: One West Palm Beach Graphic Design Company Delivers Excellence

Our High-Quality Graphic Design Solutions Provide Your Brand the Look It Needs to Connect

While graphic design might seem like something anyone with Photoshop can do, the truth is that it’s a highly specialized endeavor in which much can go wrong. Maybe a particular design element ends up coming off as dated or amateurish, or perhaps the messaging is inconsistent, or maybe the final image that’s produced simply doesn’t represent the brand. Whatever the case, you need brand identity design services that will deliver what you’re looking for: superior connections with consumers and the conversions that follow.

To accomplish this, you need the premier graphic design company in West Palm Beach—that’s Lincoln Digital Group. Why does our agency stand out from the rest? Let’s take a closer look.

Experience, Expertise, and Consistency: Meet Our Team of High-Quality Graphic Artists

There are many reasons Lincoln Digital Group is better equipped to serve your needs, but they can largely be boiled down to a few key factors:

  •       Experience

The designers at Lincoln Digital Group have spent countless hours producing branding solutions for businesses from virtually every industry, and our team is highly skilled at tailoring design elements to suit your space. What’s more, we know how to work fast and provide design solutions rapidly as market conditions change.

  •       Expertise

Along with all that experience comes expertise. Our designers possess a wealth of insight into the psychological responses elicited in customers by various design choices. Every color, font, and other element is carefully selected for a reason. That reason: connecting to your customers and boosting your conversions.

  •       Consistency

When it comes to marketing, consistency across channels is key. It is essential that your business delivers the same message everywhere it’s seen, otherwise you run the risk of diminishing brand awareness and muddling your message.

  •       Visual appeal

In the end, it’s all about arming your brand with eye-catching visual elements. You want your branding to look great, period. When you harness the creative power of our graphic design company, you can move forward knowing that your design will look professional, connect with customers, and inspire sales.

Lincoln Digital Group: Your Premier Brand Identity Services

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re proud of the fact that our design expertise has played a direct role in supporting the success of our clients. For example, over the course of 2020 we helped the automotive dealership Reeves Import Motorcars achieve YoY highs in 11 out of 12 months. This is impressive under any circumstances, but especially when you consider that 2020 posed unique economic challenges, particularly for companies in the automotive space. Lincoln Digital Group was with them every step of the way.

If you’re looking to forge stronger connections with your customers—then secure the conversions that follow—you need graphic design that connects and sells. With Lincoln Digital Group, that’s precisely what you’ll get.

To learn more about how our graphic design company agency can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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B2C Marketing: How Our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency Connects You to Customers

Find Out How Our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency Delivers Conversions

Marketing in the modern age is no simple task. If you’re going to make the most of the many digital tools available, it requires expertise and intuition that only come through years of experience. That experience allows you to build marketing strategies that connect with customers and convert.

At Lincoln Digital Group, we offer that experience, having spent the past decade providing our digital marketing expertise to brands spanning virtually every field in markets across the country and the world. And perhaps even more important than experience are the results that we offer, for we have a proven track record of boosting conversions and growing market share.

It’s this combination of experience and results that has made us the premier digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach.

B2C Services for Business Marketing

Our agency offers a comprehensive suite of digital advertising services, but here are a few that are fundamental to driving your success:

  •       Web Design and Development

Your website is often the key contact point between you and your customers. How it looks and functions will determine much of their opinion about your brand, so it is essential that offers aesthetic quality and operational perfection. Our web design and development team is built of experts who know how to not only make a website that looks and works great, but that builds connections to your customers and funnels them toward conversions.

  •       SEO and SEM

We’ve written extensively about the importance of SEO and SEM, because the search engine is the first place virtually all consumers go to shop. We perform all the research necessary to build SEO and SEM strategies that will push your business to outrank the competition, then collect and analyze data as your campaign progresses to ensure that we’re maximizing on every opportunity.

  •       Media Buying and Placement

You probably know that media buying is essential to getting your ads seen, but beyond that the whole process can be something of a mystery. At Lincoln Digital Group, we know where your ads will have the most impact, ensuring that you grow your brand awareness, improve consideration, and secure conversions.

  •       Creative and Content

Content is essential to communicating your message, but for it to achieve its intended purpose it has to look and read great while remaining on-brand. What’s more, an effective content campaign often requires a steady stream of content. All of this requires a lot of time and know-how. At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re experts at producing highly engaging content that remains consistent to your brand across channels, thereby building connections to your customers.

Lincoln Digital Group: the Premier Digital Marketing Agency in West Palm Beach

In the end, it’s all about results, and that’s exactly what our digital advertising agency delivers. For example, over the course of 2020 we helped one client achieve YoY highs in 11 out of 12 months—and that was during one of the most difficult economic years in modern memory. At the same time, we pushed another client to achieve growth in category impressions by as much as 60%, scoring 135% growth in the top 10 categories overall. This resulted in a 34% increase in conversions in just a matter of months.

To learn more about how our digital advertising agency can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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Why Your Business Needs Responsive Website Design: Our West Palm Beach Web Development Company Explains

Trusted Expertise from Your WordPress Website Development Experts

So what exactly is “responsive website design?” Simply put, it’s the process of coding and designing your website to ensure that is looks and functions correctly across a range of different devices. You might have also heard it referred to as “mobile responsive design,” but these are effectively the same thing.

Now, why is responsive website design important? If you’re reading this on your smartphone rather than a computer, then it should be obvious. These days smartphones generate more than half of all online traffic, and that number is growing fast—by as much as 10% last year alone. And that doesn’t include tablets and other non-laptop or desktop devices, which are also growing in popularity. Suffice to say that you need a website that works and looks great across them all.

At our West Palm Beach web development company, we provide the responsive website design you need to reach new customers wherever they happen to be browsing.

Responsive Website Design and WordPress Website Development from Lincoln Digital Group

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re the experts at providing WordPress website development services that you can count on to deliver new customers and new conversions.

While WordPress has become the standard for building and managing a website, using it to create a site that looks and works great while helping you stand out from the competition is easier said than done. Our web development team is highly skilled at building websites that deliver the utmost in functionality, intuitive navigation, eye-catching visuals, and—in the end—conversions.

One key aspect of this involves leveraging responsive website design. It is essential that your site looks and works great on any device your potential customer might happen to be using.

What’s more, we will provide you with a website that beats the competition in Google searches. We achieve this through a wide variety of means, from ensuring that it loads quickly, to eliminating duplicate “zombie” pages that hurt your ranking, to increasing user visit time, to SEO and SEM. All of this is essential for outranking competitors on search engines, which in turn is essential to achieving conversions and growing your market share.

Lincoln Digital Group: Your Premier Web Development Company

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve spent nearly a decade providing our expert web development services to brands spanning virtually every industry in markets around the globe. Over the course of all that marketing, we’ve helped our clients achieve substantial success. For example, last year—during the most economically challenging parts of the pandemic—our services helped one client achieve YoY highs for 11 of the 12 months. That’s an astounding feat any year, let alone during 2020.

Are you ready to build a website that helps you meet your goals? Lincoln Digital Group is here to provide the web development service you need to reach new customers, convert, and grow your market share.

To learn more about how our web development company can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.


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Need More Opportunities? Meet Our West Palm Beach Online Marketing Agency

A Proven Framework for Social Media Marketing, PPC Content Marketing, and Other Online Marketing Services

There are many metrics by which you might judge the success of your business, but in the end the bottom line is the bottom line. Your business should be growing and expanding its market share as consistently as possible. That means marketing to ensure that you reach new customers, but marketing in the modern world is an extremely multifaceted endeavor, requiring not only an understanding of existing tools and techniques but an eye to the future to seize upon emerging opportunities. That’s why you need an online marketing agency.

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve spent nearly a decade providing a comprehensive suite of digital and traditional marketing services to businesses in West Palm Beach and around the world. We’re highly skilled at using the most effective marketing tools available, and we’re constantly looking ahead and taking advantage of new techniques as they become available.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most important tools in our toolbox.

Key Services Offered by Our Online Marketing Agency

Our online marketing agency offers everything you need to make a comprehensive, effective marketing campaign, but here are a few of our core services:

  •       Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most valuable opportunities for marketers, but it has to be used currently or else it can actually hurt your branding efforts. At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re experts are created branded content that is consistent across all your social platforms, ensuring that you reach your customers wherever they are, and that they receive messaging that is on-brand and effective at driving conversions.

  •       PPC Content Marketing and SEO

SEM and SEO are fundamental to marketing. These days virtually all shopping starts at the search engine, which means you must outrank the competition and make sure that your PPC ads are seen. At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re highly skilled at leveraging the most effective SEO and SEM tactics, thereby pushing your company to the top and garnering you greater brand awareness, clicks, conversions, and—ultimately—a greater market share.

  •       Web Development and Design

We’ve all experienced websites that work and websites that don’t. Maybe they look outdated, or the messaging or navigation is confusing, or links are broken. Whatever the case, you don’t want that website. At Lincoln Digital Group, our web development and design team knows how to build websites that function properly, look visually stunning, connect to your customer, and convert.

Lincoln Digital Group: An Online Marketing Agency that Delivers Results

These are just a few of the tools you can acquire via our online marketing agency. Through them, you’ll get the results you’re looking for. For example, over the course of 2020—one of the most economically challenging years in living memory—we helped one client achieve YoY highs in 11 out of 12 months. This was after we’d already delivered that same client several record high sales months over the proceeding years.

Now Lincoln Digital Group is here to do the same for you.

To learn more about how our online marketing agency can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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3 Digital Marketing Agency Services Your Business Must Leverage to Compete

PPC Advertising Management, Web Design, and More

The realm of digital marketing is increasingly complicated. Every day it seems like there’s a new term to add to your vocabulary, a new tactic to work into your strategy, or some innovative digital tool to learn. At the same time, you’ve got a business to run, so you don’t have the time to be constantly staying on top of the latest developments. That’s exactly why you need to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency.

A truly great digital marketing agency will provide you with a wealth of services, but here are a few that your business can’t do without.

3 of the Most Essential Digital Marketing Agency Services

  •       PPC Advertising Management

Paid per click advertising is a key aspect of reaching your customers, and that’s not just our opinion. Surveys have shown that businesses typically double their ROI for every dollar spent on PPC due to the fact that, as a low-funnel tactic, it reaches current in-market shoppers very effectively. Having your ad appear on Google is one of the most effective ways of boosting your brand awareness. At the same time, 90% of PPC ads are never seen due to improper management. That means that PPC must be a part of your digital marketing strategy, and you need PPC advertising management that not only gets your ads seen, but structures them in a way that lead users to become new business opportunities.

  •       Website design

Your website’s look and layout are key factors in connecting with your customers. A skilled digital marketing agency offers website design that is maximized for conversions thanks to a combination of contemporary, on-brand aesthetics and a sleek, intuitive user experience that clearly leads your prospects to the next step in doing business with you. We’ve all seen amateur web design, and it produces nothing but amateur results. Can your business afford that? 

Check out our portfolio to view examples of design that sells.

  •       SEO

Search rankings are everything. Virtually all shoppers follow links from the first page of their Google search, and most click one of the first three links. That means that if your business is going to compete, you must outrank the competition. This can be extremely challenging, however, if you’re not highly experienced at leveraging the most effective SEO techniques. And if you don’t know how to perform keyword research on your competitors, forget it—all the SEO methods in the world can’t help you if you’re using them in the dark. A reliable digital marketing agency knows how to perform this research, then use this information to craft an effective SEO strategy.

Lincoln Digital Group: An Experienced Digital Marketing Agency Offering Comprehensive Service

At Lincoln Digital, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for delivering results. We accomplish this by utilizing these and other marketing tools to build you a comprehensive digital strategy that reaches your customers, builds a connection, then inspires them to buy. 

For example, we recently helped one client boost individual search category impressions by as much as 60% which led to a 135% increase in top 10 category impressions overall. As a result, this client enjoyed a 34% boost in conversions in the course of a few months. This emphasizes the effectiveness of our efforts. 

To learn more about how our digital marketing agency can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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3 Strategies Leveraged by an Effective SEO Agency

SEO Is an Essential Part of Any Internet Marketing Service Package

In the modern marketplace, search engine rankings are key. Surveys show that nearly three out of four shopping experiences start via search, and that less than 1% of consumers click to the second page of results. Studies also show that SEO drives over 1000% more traffic than social media. Suffice to say that if your business is falling short on SEO, then it’s leaving money on the table. That’s why you need an expert SEO agency.

What exactly can an SEO agency do for your business? There are many ways an agency can help, but here are three specific SEO strategies that will help expand your market share.

3 Strategies You Should Expect from an SEO Agency

Any internet marketing service provider worth your time (and money) will offer the following SEO services:

  •       Digital landscape analysis

It all starts with understanding where you stand in regards to the competitive SEO landscape. Where are you falling short? Where are you already winning? By taking a close look at how your SEO is positioned relative to the overall market, you can ensure that you’re not spending resources on old battles, and that you’re making gains where it’s most essential for the future.

  •       Content marketing

The idea that “content is king” has been around as long as the internet, but few marketers know how to leverage it effectively. A skilled SEO agency, however, knows which content formats are the most valuable, how to work keywords into them most effectively, and has the capacity to produce the flood of content needed to ensure that you come out on top of the search rankings.

  •       Create a better user experience

When most people think of SEO, they think of keywords. But your search ranking is determined by many other factors, such as how quickly your website loads, and much time a customer spends on it. Few things will knock down your rank like “pogosticking,” which is when a user clicks on then off of your page. This is known as a website’s “bounce rate.” An experienced SEO agency will build you a website that loads quickly then provides users with an experience that will keep them on your site.

Lincoln Digital Group: Superior Internet Marketing Service

Looking for an SEO agency that delivers results? At Lincoln Digital Group, we have a proven track record for boosting our clients’ search rankings and, in turn, boosting their conversions. For example, by using strategies like those above (and more) we recently helped one client grow their individual category impressions by up to 60%, raising their top 10 category impressions by 135% overall in just a matter of months. As a result, the company saw a 34% increase in conversions.

And that’s just one example. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with businesses from virtually every consumer vertical spanning markets around the globe, and time and time again our approach has helped them secure higher search rankings, and as a result, higher sales.

Now we’re here to do the same for you.

To learn more about how our SEO agency can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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Learn What a Creative Agency Can Do for Your Strategy

A Creative Agency Can Supercharge Your UX Design and Strategy

As a consumer-facing business, providing your customer with a superior experience is essential to beating the competition and growing your market share. That goes for all aspects of your operation, but it is especially important in regards to your website, which is often a critical interaction point with your brand. User Experience Design–better known as UX design–is a highly specialized field, however, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s where a creative agency can help.

What Is UX Design and How Does It Factor Into Your Digital Strategy?

Let’s start by explaining what, exactly, UX design is. While the term can be applied to virtually any experiential aspect of a business, it most often involves designing the user experience delivered via a brand’s website or other digital platforms. Essentially, it’s the process of designing the best user experience with your digital properties as is possible.

So how does this factor into your digital strategy? For the most part, the user experience will determine what a customer thinks of your brand every step of the way. Is it easy to navigate your website? Do they find what they see to be visually pleasing? Are there multiple points of engagement that keep a customer connected to your brand and progressing toward a sale action? And then once the sale has been achieved, is there feedback provided to the customer to reinforce their action and promote future actions? All of these and more are key aspects of good UX design, and they can make or break whether a user clicks “buy” on your site, or clicks over to a competitor’s site instead.

When you partner with an experienced creative agency like Lincoln Digital Group, you ensure that you have expert UX designers at your disposal who are capable of crafting a user experience that compels consumers to take action. They know how to create websites and other digital experiences that your customers will find visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, and that will guide them toward the sale— and then help retain their business after the initial sale.

Bottom line—if you’re hoping to provide your customers with a user experience that sells in today’s ultra-crowded and competitive landscape, it must be of superior quality.  

Lincoln Digital Group: Your Premier Digital Strategy Experts

At Lincoln Digital Group, our UX design team offers well over 100 years of combined experience working with brands from virtually every industry spanning markets all over the country and the world. Our designers are experts at crafting digital experiences that are visually arresting, guide the user through the sales funnel, then inspire the conversion. The quality of our work is derived not only from experience, but from careful A/B testing that ensures that you always get the most effective final product.

We’re not just saying that—we have the numbers to back it up. Studies show that strategic user experience design can increase conversion rates by as much as 400%, that every $1 spent on UX design has a return of between $2 and $100, and that half of all customers leave a website due to confusing navigation and messaging.

Suffice to say that if you want a creative agency that delivers results, Lincoln Digital Group is here to provide superior UX design that sells.

To learn more about how our creative agency can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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Why Have the Experts Help With Your Web Development?

Learn How Our West Palm Beach Web Development Company Will Build Connections with Your Customers

Every element of a marketing campaign is important, but it’s hard to argue that any other aspect is more foundational than quality web development. Web development is about more than a mere website. Effective web development ensures not only that your business has a website that works properly, but that your site will be easy to navigate, intuitively guiding users toward the sale. It means equipping your website with all the digital tools and platforms necessary to service your customers. And it means building an enjoyable user experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Let’s take a look at how a web development company can help.

A Quality Web Development Company Delivers a Superior User Experience

  •       Functionality

First and foremost, you need a website that works how it’s supposed to. Few things turn off a potential customer—or even an existing customer—faster than clicking onto a company’s website only to find broken links, glitching sales platforms, or the dreaded Error 404.

At Lincoln Digital Group, our expert web development team is highly skilled at coding websites that work the way they’re supposed to. This allows your customers to enjoy an effortless browsing experience.

  •       Navigation

A potential customer becomes a missed opportunity fast if they can’t find their way around your website. A well-built site should not only be easy to navigate, but it should guide users toward taking some form of buying action.

Our web development company is highly experienced at building websites that funnel consumers toward conversion, whether that means collecting an email address, scheduling a consultation, or making a sale.

  •       Rapid rollout and adjustment

You want your website up and running ASAP, and when the time comes for updates or other adjustments, you want these completed just as fast.

At Lincoln Digital Group, our team works together to deliver on a dime. Whether you need an entirely new site built from the ground up, or you just need a refresh to an existing layout, we make sure that your digital platforms are ready for customers without delay.

Lincoln Digital Group: A Web Development Company that Delivers Results

Our West Palm Beach web development company has spent nearly a decade providing our services to clients from a wide range of markets and industries, and we have the experience necessary to provide your business with a website that delivers results. Recently, for example, our efforts helped a new client achieve a 34% growth in conversions in just a matter of months.

More conversions translate into more market share, and that’s exactly what we provide.

What markets can we help you capture a bigger slice of?

To learn more about how our web development company can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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Why Do Ad Agencies Provide Better Graphic Design?

Our West Palm Beach Graphic Design Company Delivers the Results You Need

Graphic design is more than a mere visual component of your marketing campaign. It’s often the first thing that a potential customer will see, and that first impression will make or break whether a consumer connects to your brand or not. Beyond that initial connection, it’s how you’ll communicate and forge stronger links to your customers on an ongoing basis, ensuring that they continue to recognize and see unique value in your brand.

An experienced ad agency can ensure that your design elements deliver on this need for connection. Here’s how.

How a Graphic Design Company Can Boost Your Branding

A quality graphic design agency can help your branding and marketing efforts in many ways, perhaps the foremost of which include

  •       Quality designs

Let’s face it—there’s nothing more obvious (and sometimes even embarrassing) than amateur graphic design. Modern consumers have become extremely savvy at recognizing quality, and for a brand to be taken seriously it must deliver graphic design elements that are modern, attention-grabbing, and on-brand.

An experienced graphic design company knows all the latest trends and techniques, and has worked within a wide range of industries allowing them to tailor graphics to a specific medium and audience. At Lincoln Digital Group, we deliver the wide-ranging experience and expertise you need to build a robust, eye-catching visual identity for your brand, effectively communicating your messaging and building stronger connections to potential customers. 

  •       Consistency and collaboration

For your brand to communicate effectively, it needs to present consistent aesthetics and messaging across all platforms and channels. Fall short in this regard, and it’s easy for customers to lose the thread of your message or misidentify your brand.

When you have an experienced ad agency lead your graphic design, however, you can rest assured knowing that your customers will receive a cohesive experience. At Lincoln Digital Group, for example, our graphic designers work collaboratively to ensure consistency and quality across all customer touchpoints.

  •       Testing, analysis, and adjustment

As market conditions change, what was a great graphic yesterday might not be so effective today. An experienced graphic design company knows how to test different graphics to determine which is the most effective in the present circumstance, collect data and analyze it for performance, then course-correct as necessary. Failing to do this might translate into missed opportunities, diminished impact, or money wasted on ineffective campaigns. 

At Lincoln Digital Group, testing, data collection, and analysis are at the core of everything we do. This is how we verify that you’re getting the results that you want.

Lincoln Digital Group: A Graphic Design Company that Connects and Converts

When you choose our West Palm Beach graphic design company, you harness over a century of combined design and marketing experience from an agency with a proven track record for growing opportunities and enhancing brand perception. 

We’ve repeatedly helped our clients achieve record-high sales, even during some of the most difficult points in the COVID crisis. One client, for example, posted year-over-year records in 11 out of 12 months in 2020 thanks directly to our efforts. 

How can our design expertise spur your business to record-setting success?

To learn more about how our graphic design company can help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.

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Screen Shot 2021 08 03 at 10.24.05 PM


Enhanced Quality, YouTube Presence & Sales Opportunities

The resulting videos significantly enhanced the quality of the brand’s appearance on a platform that was essential to their competitive landscape — YouTube. Research told us this is where shoppers within the category made their buying decisions. Our media placement efforts generated more than 100,000 video views by in-market shoppers in less than two months, and lifted organic searches (SEO) by more than 130% during the same time.

What’s more, since the video series launched, the company has sold nearly as many units in five months of 2021 than they did in all of 2019 — proving the impact that our approach to video storytelling and consumer targeting can make.

What can that type of growth do for your business?

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