Brand Evolution – The Reality of Necessity


In life, nothing stays the same. The universe, our planet, our species, our communications evolve little by little, day by day.

Company Branding Evolution

This same principle applies to brands.

Before we dive into more details, let’s explain in simple terms what “brands” stand for. A brand is built to be a symbol of trust which people instantly recognize and associate with emotionally.

On a basic psychological level, we strive to categorize things into groups of useful and useless information from the start. This is why brands’ main goal is to differentiate their services and convince us that they will serve us better than the next guy.

Brand is also about immersing in the community. And as communities change demographically and with each generation, brands need to anticipate that change in their visual presentation, standards and day-to-day operations as well.

The logo evolution sequences displayed below serve as visually descriptive examples of brand transformations over time. For example, Southwest Airlines started with a friendly logo version of a heart set on pilot wings which represented their home Dallas airport. In the late 1990s, a not-so-personal corporate look took over. The problem with it was that it did not represent the warm, friendly service the airline offered. Southwest recognized that perception problem, and recently changed their identity again re-incorporating the heart symbol with a modern design twist, along with a new custom sans-serif typeface. The examples of the two automotive giants, Mercedes and Ford, also show the visual transformations the brands endured as time passed by.


At LDG, we are experts at driving your brand forward and positioning it where your audience is. We also help you align your look and feel with your customers’ expectations and uncover your core strengths. We reveal ideas that are already there, but just need a better packaging.

You can see this process of evolution, for example, in a web presence metamorphosis that we facilitated for one of our clients, a jewelry business.

These before and afters illustrate the visual refinement the brand reached while working with us as well as the implementation of features that help their customers have a seamless, thoughtful experience.


As illustrated, we take the essence of your brand and distill its visual components into a current, engaging, and effective experience. Partnering with us, Lincoln Digital Group, is your opportunity to take your Brand to the next stage of its evolution.

Contact us to discuss your branding alignment and to create meaningful experiences with your customers.