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Find Out What Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Do for You

While online marketing presents businesses with an ever-changing assortment of new opportunities for connecting with consumers, one of its biggest challenges is exactly that—it’s ever-changing. That’s why you need a West Palm Beach digital marketing agency that delivers the current expertise necessary to take advantage of the latest and greatest online innovations.

In other words, you need West Palm Beach B2C marketing experts like Lincoln Digital Group. Keep reading to learn why.

A Full-Service Marketing Company that Delivers Results

Over the course of nearly a decade, our advertising agency has brought together a team of talented marketing experts who offer well over 100 years of combined experience. Over 80% of our work has been in the business-2-consumer (“B2C”) realm, which makes us especially equipped to meet your B2C marketing needs. We not only offer the best of traditional marketing services, but leverage the latest opportunities afforded by new online tools and platforms. 

Here are just a few of the central services offered by our marketing agency:

  •       Web Development & Design

From the backend code that makes your website work flawlessly, to the frontend design that makes it beautiful to look at—and everything in between—we have a track record for building websites that are as visually appealing as they are functional. Consumers frequent websites that are easy to navigate, are pleasing to the eye, and that work as they’re supposed to, and that’s exactly what we deliver. 

  •       Content & Creative

What do blog posts, social media displays, explainer videos, and ad banners all have in common? All of these and more are part of the web of content our team will weave to catch the attention of your audience and build the connections necessary to convert them into customers. Elements like these are essential to attracting clicks, supporting SEO, and communicating your message–they’re the online real estate you need to get noticed.

  •       SEO & SEM

Surveys have shown that nearly all consumers start their search for a product or service on Google, and less than 1 percent of them will ever click to the second page of results. Our advertising agency uses all of the latest techniques to ensure that your business outranks the competition. We’ve helped our clients achieve quarter-over-quarter increases in search rankings, new users, and click-through rates, and that’s exactly what we’ll do for you.

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve used these and other services to help our B2C clients achieve record sales year after year. Our team is here to help your business connect to consumers and achieve conversions. 

To learn more about how we help businesses grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us today.


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Looking for Expert Graphic Design in West Palm Beach?

Providing the Digital Design Services Your Business Needs for Connecting with Customers

For the vast majority of customers, the first glimpse of what your business has to offer will come online. Whether it’s your website, a digital ad, a piece of social media content, or any other online medium, conversions (eg. leads and sales) are achieved by making connections. And we firmly believe eye-catching digital graphics are essential to doing just that. And this means your business benefits from a West Palm Beach graphic design company capable of creating visuals that get attention, connect with your audience, and help create sales opportunities. 

Let’s take a look at how our design services deliver the visual elements you need to connect with your customers. 

Comprehensive West Palm Beach Design Services that Deliver Results

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve built a team of talented graphic artists who not only know how to create stunning designs, but who understand and utilize the most effective visual sales methods. That means creating graphic design that looks great while leveraging the most current understanding of marketing psychology to secure the attention of your audience, then convert.

That’s no empty boast. Thanks directly to the hard work of our graphic designers, our clients have enjoyed record sales, even posting all-time highs in face of the pandemic.

Here’s an example of a graphic we created recently that played a direct role in helping one client achieve YoY highs for the month of March. This graphic was put through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it met the standards of our client, the parent brand compliance, and our own criteria for excellence. The result was record sales. 

graphic design west palm beach
large MBR Gathering April Facebook

Whether you’re looking for website design, social media content, digital or traditional ad displays, branding materials, or any other form of visual content, we deliver. These are the tools you need to get your customers’ attention, make a connection, and convert.

Lincoln Digital Group: Your Leaders in Graphic Design in West Palm Beach

Over the course of Lincoln Digital Group’s eight years of operation, our graphic design artists have worked with consumer businesses spanning virtually every industry. If you’re looking to provide your brand with a refreshing new look, our team can deliver the attention-grabbing visuals you need to get noticed, make connections, achieve sales, and grow your market share.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us.

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South Florida’s B2C Digital Marketing Experts

Find Out What Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Do for You

It’s no secret that digital marketing is essential to the success of your business, but how to wield it, exactly, is more mysterious. The realm of online marketing is changing fast, and it seems like every time you get a grasp on one concept, the next new hot tactic has already popped up. That’s why our West Palm Beach digital marketing agency is here—to provide you with the expert marketing services you need so that you can stay focused on running your business.

What can our marketing company do for you? Here are just a few of the services we offer.

Our Advertising Agency Delivers Comprehensive Digital Marketing Know-How

We offer an expansive range of online marketing services, but here are a few that are among the most commonly requested:

  • Creative

For your brand to stand out, it needs a “face” that grabs the attention of your audience. Our highly skilled creative team provides all the graphics and other visual elements you need to communicate your message and get your business noticed.

  • Media

If your company is going to be seen, it needs to be everywhere—YouTube, social media channels, television, radio…everywhere your customers look or listen. Our advertising agency puts you front and center on both new and traditional media platforms to ensure that you find your audience.

  • Web development

Nothing kills conversion like a website that’s hard to navigate, or worse yet, the dreaded “error 404” message. Our expert web development team builds websites that are easy to navigate, work how they’re supposed to, and that guide your customers to the sale.

  • SEO

Digital marketing trends might change, but one thing that stays the same is the importance of quality SEO. This is your means of outranking the competition on search engines to ensure that your company comes out on top, and our marketing company leverages all the most effective SEO strategies to push you to #1.

Lincoln Digital Group: Your West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Experts

At Lincoln Digital Group, our talented team offers over 100 years of combined online marketing expertise. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries, and we’ve successfully helped them achieve record sales and expand their market share. That’s why we’re considered the leaders among digital marketing agencies in West Palm Beach—because we deliver results.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our online marketing agency at (561) 371-4272 or contact us online today.

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How Our Digital Marketing Agency Shares Online Marketing Expertise

Learn More About the All-New Lincoln Digital Learning Online Platform

Eight years ago, Lincoln Digital Group launched by bringing together a team of online marketing experts who brought more than 100 years of combined experience to the table. Since then, our digital marketing agency has provided its services to businesses large and small spanning virtually every industry, and we’ve helped our clients expand their visibility, achieve conversions, and grow their market share again and again.

Suffice to say that we know more than a little something about digital marketing, and we want to share that knowledge.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce Lincoln Digital Learning—your resource for building your knowledge about B2C — ie. business to consumer — online marketing. 

Become an Online Marketing Expert

Our digital marketing agency offers a comprehensive range of marketing services, meaning that we have the whole toolkit. Now we’re offering those tools to you via Lincoln Digital Learning.

Whether you’re looking to learn about SEO, graphic design, web development, copywriting, and more, Lincoln Digital Learning will provide expert-level information in an approachable package. We’re making it easy to expand your understanding of the best online marketing practices and principles so that you can apply them to your business strategy. We’ll also teach you how to track and analyze data about your campaigns so that you can adjust as needed for maximum effectiveness.

These lessons will be offered via video webinar. Courses are being prepared now, so be sure to check back often to see of latest offerings.

Lincoln Digital Group: Your Online Marketing Experts

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve been sharing information about online marketing for several years now via our blog, and our agency founder Justin Cerone has been sharing his expertise via webinars and other events. We’re excited to formalize these educational opportunities in the form of Lincoln Digital Learning.

Contact us today to learn more about our marketing services, or to find out how you can expand your online marketing expertise with Lincoln Digital Learning.

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3 Ways Our Digital Marketing Agency Delivers Superior Web Development and Design

Your Business Needs Web Development and Design that Converts

pexels markus spiske 1936299
pexels markus spiske 1936299

It’s no secret that a truly great website is essential if your business is to compete in the modern market. That means partnering with a web development and design company that knows how to provide your business with a superior online presence.

At Lincoln Digital Group, that’s exactly what we have a reputation for providing. Let’s take a look at a few things we do to ensure that you have a website that achieves conversions effectively.

How Our Company Ensures Outstanding Web Design and Development

There are many things we do to ensure that your website is as effective as possible, but here are a few that stand out:

  • Exceptional visuals and messaging

The first things that your customers are going to notice about your website are how it looks and what it’s saying. At Lincoln Digital Group, our expert West Palm Beach graphic design team produces websites with eye-catching visuals and copy that motivates your audience to take action.

  • Ever-refining SEO

Steady traffic is essential to your success, and that means making sure that it consistently beats the competition in terms of search engine rankings. Our online marketing agency leverages the most effective SEO techniques available to ensure that you stand out from the pack, and we constantly refine your SEO to keep you in the lead.

  • Reliable web development

There is nothing that turns off a potential customer faster than a malfunctioning website. At Lincoln Digital Group, our web development team ensures that your website not only works great, but that it’s properly crafted to deliver ease of navigation.

Partner with a Web Development and Design Company that Delivers Results

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes from a range of industries achieve record-setting sales again and again thanks largely to our ability to create superior websites. Tell us about the challenges you’ve faced online, and our web design and development company will provide solutions.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our online marketing agency at (561)-815-5015 or contact us.

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Key Updates to Our Digital Business During the Pandemic: A Digest

The past few quarters have been one for the ages at our West Palm Beach digital marketing agency and web design company.

Like most businesses, the pandemic caused us to reflect and re-focus on how we could most effectively and successfully build our clients’ businesses for the future.

It also coincided with our 7 year anniversary, bringing numerous changes to bare.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve been working on and where we’ve been during the outbreak:


  • Unveiled our LDGROI Platform™ to help businesses modernize and measure their digital customer experiencesLDG ROI Platform


We believe that businesses who recognize their entire customer experience cycle can be enabled with digital touchpoints will be victorious in this next era of business. And that’s where we’re committed to focusing our efforts.


Dial 561-815-5015 or contact us here to grow and modernize your business for victory today. 

Wait, there’s more!

If you’re looking for some non-2020 news or information (we wouldn’t blame you), be sure to read some of our most viewed blogs from the past 2 years here:

See you back here soon!

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Introducing The Digital Experience Leaders™

Reflecting Upon a New Era as Our Digital Marketing Agency Turned Seven Amidst a Pandemic — One that’s Accelerating the Importance of Digital Customer Experiences and Calling for New Thinking

Transcript by Justin Cerone, Lincoln Digital Group Founder, Chairman & CEO 


This is Justin’s Cerone. Founder and CEO, Lincoln Digital Group. It’s May 13th, 2020. And what follows are my reflections on exactly 7 years since forming Lincoln Digital Group in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois in 2013.

If I had to point to an overall theme to our 7 years in business, it’s that in the very recent past, digital has truly become your business.

Be it through payments, communications, automation, customer fulfillment delivery. These are all now ways that digital is the current backbone of our economy — putting aside all the IT infrastructure that has been at the core of business for many decades now.

This is the dawn of a new day when digital is no longer a division or a unit within your business.

It is your business.

It is the underpinnings of how you do business.

It is how you deliver a customer experience.

It is your customer experience in most customers eyes now certainly the younger, more digitally native segment of our population.

It is “be all, end all” of your brand to them.

Of course, this raises many questions for the future.

How are all the ways I can serve your customers? How are all the ways it can be used against you?

How are all the ways your competitors could potentially do digital better than you?

But the bottom line is in the midst of this, and it’s crazy how it’s worked out this way — almost seven years to the day — the outbreak of the coronavirus has I think illuminated, magnified, emphasized — whatever word you’d like to use. It has been the Tipping Point and made digital the new business.

This is the day your business became digital.

And what I mean by that is, if you look around the businesses that are thriving and excelling in becoming noticed in the marketplace because of how they’re doing things differently, they all offer a unique and exciting digital experience in one form or another.

First evening first. This does not mean that you have to have the nerdiest people hired a bunch of software Geeks whatever, you want to say about it, to do this effectively. It means the Strategic thinking, the planning, those are the core elements now how you delivered to the customer. Those are the core elements of how we must be thinking now, and what it means for how they interact with us, moving forward.

Digital is no longer just marketing.

Digital” is how you do all these things to create demand for your product: capture that demand for your product for fill that demand for your product follow up on the demand for your product like the payment on the demand for your product deliver your products, market your product… it is now all of those things.

Digital is far more than simply marketing at this point. It is the entire customer experience.

And this means your business must become proficient at digital learning, digital knowledge, and must have an underpinning of digital understanding and fundamentals for how it can drive your business to the top of its category.

It must have a creative capacity to do certain things digitally on its own as far as quick graphics, response-type situations. A good example now probably would be in the face of the crisis.

Presumably, many businesses found it easier and faster to make their own sort of coronavirus response faster Graphics than Consulting with their agency.

But what I think this means for agency’s going forward is that we must offer different practices, different business lines, and provide enhanced focus in the areas in which they choose to compete.  And that’s why evolving to a model that that’s also supported by e-learning, consultancy and advisory services, digital media, data and information, products and more.

And that means our business is a more multi-pronged, and ultimately stronger, Lincoln Digital Group. It will mean a more focused practice in all of our divisions.

It will mean that all of our divisions will all be distinct.

Because we are at the beginning of a new day in business. Our business must also evolve our focus on the entire digital experience in order to thrive.

And taking this approach, being built upon numerous distinct divisions and digital revenue streams, will make us a stronger, more modern and more nimble, evolving business because we will be able to monetize and pull levers on some key underpinnings of the post-Covid economy.

While this will present challenges and new needs, and will not be a quick or easy evolution, it creates new opportunities.

And the future has never been brighter for digital because again, when you look at the businesses that have thrived — especially compared to those that have barely survived — the ones that have done digital right have been the ones that have come out 8 weeks after this all began stronger, more robust and able to be more aggressive for future growth than the ones who did not recognize digital’s capability to help capture, fulfill, or otherwise logistically support key areas of your business.

Lincoln Digital Group will not be positioned to capture and support a bigger portion of businesses overall digital spend in light of these changes — and the future has never been brighter for us.

Taking all I’ve shared, it’s time for us to execute on the planning we’ve laid and act on these opportunities, not only as an evolved organization, but with an evolved slogan reflective of our current and future: Lincoln Digital Group — The Digital Experience Leaders.

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What Does a Florida Auto Ad Agency Do?

See How our Florida Auto Ad Agency Can Help Your Dealership

BMW HoursOpen April 1024x418 1
BMW HoursOpen April 1024×418 1

Advertising for a business within the automotive realm – like your dealership – is never easy as people tend to make such high-value purchases on rare occasions, and the pandemic certainly isn’t helping. To that end, you might be wondering what a West Palm Beach auto ad agency can do to drive up your sales.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from an advertising agency that specializes in the automotive market.

3 Ways an Auto Ad Agency Can Support Your Marketing Campaign

  • Understanding the market

Marketing a high-value product like an automobile requires a particular knowledge of the psychology behind making such a purchase. An auto ad agency understands what motivates vehicle shoppers, and knows how to appeal to that motivation.

  • Brand compliance

As you’re well aware, your dealership has to adhere to a range of the manufacturer’s marketing compliance standards. This can be a tricky proposition for agencies that don’t specialize in the automotive industry, and are therefore unused to dealing with compliance issues. An auto ad agency will know exactly how to navigate all matters relating to compliance.

  • Special service implementation

In these challenging times, many dealership are implementing special services to help mitigate the threat from Covid. An auto ad agency can help you develop and communicate these services. At Lincoln Digital Group, for example, we’re recently helped one client roll-out an extensive offsite test drive program, and we’ve created the online portals necessary to handle scheduling and transactions online.

Lincoln Digital Group: a West Palm Beach Auto Ad Agency that Delivers Results

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve spent the better part of a decade helping dealerships spanning the continent achieve record high sales. We’ve worked with a wide range of brands and are highly skilled at communicating their selling points while adhering to all necessary compliance standards.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our online marketing agency at (561) 371-4272 or contact us online today.

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Lincoln Digital Group 7 Years Later

Welcoming a New Day – “The day digital usurped business” 




NOTE: As the month of May and Lincoln Digital Group’s 7th corporate anniversary approached, I was envisioning a very different type of content for this milestone. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that reason was to force me to reflect on how my craft has changed in the go-forward economy.

NOTE 2: This post says we turned 7 years old in May. It’s July. You’re probably wondering “what gives with the delay?” More on that below…


Do You Find Yourself Here?

Does your business need solutions to mounting problems? Are new opportunities dwindling? Is it a challenge to reach your prospects where they are? Or, to even find them at all?

Worse yet, is it difficult to actually fulfill your sales in today’s environment?

We’ve all been “there.” Many are still there. Many more are wondering how to get the hell away from “there.”

“There,” of course, is the beginning of the Covid economy. As Lincoln Digital Group turned 7 years old on our corporate birthday of May 13th, the coronavirus had thoroughly ravaged the world — turning business on its head and societies looking inward toward the future like never before.

Still, some businesses (thankfully including those of our clients) thrived in the midst of unprecedented times. Intuitively, I knew the world had changed.

My observations forced me to challenge my pre-existing beliefs to uncover what reliable future growth may look like.

You Say Digital Marketing. Your Customer Says Digital Experience 

In my humble opinion, you, me and nearly every other human love to be “WOW’d” by a business.

You feel “WOW’d” when the business thoroughly understands what you want, makes it as easy as they possibly could for you (and goes beyond that), and then, during your path to payment, creates magic moments that make you feel absolutely awesome about giving them your hard-earned money.

We’ve all been there as a consumer.

This is still what many consumers expect from their purchase experience.

But now, many expect it (and often love it) to be digital…

…which takes strategic thinking, planning, and creative and development capabilities to fulfill experiences for the customer in a way that can “wow” them.

Delivering an exceptional digital experience in the post-covid economy does not mean hiring the most “digitally native,” “influential” or “Google certified” people you can find.

An exceptional digital business now does all of the above. Creating demand for your product, capturing that demand, fulfilling/delivering on that demand, collecting payment, and following-up on the experience to drive loyalty and referrals.

Digital: The Intersection of Modern Consumer Life AND Today’s Business Engine

Below are modern examples of how “digital” has, and can continue to, serve as a customer experience platform. Many of them are likely familiar from your own experiences:

  • Payments
  • Order Status
  • Loyalty
  • Sales fulfillment / item delivery
  • Scheduling
  • Recommendations and enhancements (ie. “We think you’ll like…”) or related accessories (ie. “Related Products…”)
  • Augmented or virtual reality

Only one of the seven points above is directly related to marketing — meaning 85% of them can be more directly beneficial to other aspects of a business.

More than Marketing — But Still the Most Effective Way to Go-To-Market

Wise businesses won’t soon forget how digital acted as a growth platform and opportunity engine for their business by deploying the following capabilities:

  • Awareness creation
  • Customer consideration
  • Demand stimulation
  • Sales conversion (direct sales)
  • Subscription sales
  • Educational resources and materials

What next, and where’s it going?

After deep consideration, my view with LDG @ 7 years old is that coronavirus and its impact on business has firmly entrenched digital consumer capabilities — we’ll collectively call this “the digital experience” — as the premier capability and potential advantage of any business with plans on leading its category.

A “look around” reveals businesses that are thriving, excelling and being discussed in the marketplace. They all offer a unique, exciting digital experience in one form or another.

And, those digital capabilities are a primary reason why some businesses have been able to press their leadership position in the post-Covid economy, seemingly with less effort than you may think.

Familiar Brands, New Digital Customer Experiences 

Brands like Amazon and Dominos have leveraged digital to create enhanced order, payment and loyalty experiences since the mid/late 2000s — and are still going strong. onsider what’s happened to these businesses competitors in the meantime.

As one recent example in the midst of the pandemic outbreak, Dominoes used digital to accept and fulfill deliveries without customers providing a physical address (!!!).

Known as HotSpots™, they fused customers’ smartphone location services with public drop-off points in order to create an entirely new pizza fulfillment experience that is not takeout or delivery. Not only is it a brand new digital experience, the entire purchase process from awareness

Old Sales via New Experiences 

More recently, well-known startup / D2C brands in the eyeglasses/home goods/apparel spaces have exemplified it as well.

[Shameless plug: We too launched a similar experience for one of our clients that used digital to enable 2 broader shopping experiences for their audience: Sizing Guide and Storefinder.]

Hell, even something as old school as choosing a paint color is now a digital experience. With their ColorSnap app, Sherwin Williams digitally-enabled consumers to place any color directly on any wall of their home — without ever painting a sample.

Your Business of Tomorrow is Here, Now 

Businesses that become proficient in all forms of digital knowledge and skillsets are preparing themselves to thrive in an environment like we’re in today.

Today I’m proud to announce we are re-focusing some efforts, expanding others and adapting our structure to match. A variety of practices — such as a consultancy, “Next commerce” services, and standards and auditing services for digital reports — are all now apart of the go-forward Lincoln Digital.

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Partner with an Advertising Agency that Can Supercharge Your Strategy

black and white blackboard business chalkboard 356043

As everyone in business knows, an effective advertising strategy is essential if you’re going to reach more customers, make more sales, and gain more market share. But while you’re great at running your business, marketing strategy might be an entirely different matter. That’s why you need help from the experts.

Let’s take a look at how our advertising agency can help with your strategy.

3 Ways Our Advertising Agency Can Help

  • Determining what works and what doesn’t.

It might be that there are some parts of your existing strategy that work just fine, while others aren’t furthering your goals. Our marketing agency can perform an audit of your present situation to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Addressing immediate concerns.

It’s no secret that the realm of business has been greatly impacted by the pandemic, which is likely to have an impact for months if not years to come. We can help you adjust your strategy so that you are positioned to meet the current challenges head on.

  • Thinking long-term.

It’s essential that you not only possess a marketing strategy that works now, but that will adjust for new opportunities, technological innovations, and shifting circumstances over the long-term. Lincoln Digital Group has a reputation for looking ahead and helping our clients plan for the future.

Learn More About What Our Marketing Company Can Do for You

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes spanning virtually every industry craft marketing strategies that are effective not only today, but that can be maintained and adjusted to deliver sales as time goes by and market conditions evolve.

To learn more about what we have to offer your business, call our online marketing agency at (561) 371-4272 or contact us online today.


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