FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lincoln Digital Group™ Unveils New Brand Identity

Lincoln Digital Group™ Unveils New Brand Identity

Agency’s Evolution Guided by Theme of “New Look, Same Record-Setting Results”

Lincoln Digital Group™, the leading West Palm Beach digital marketing agency, is pleased to unveil its new brand identity to the general public.

“New Look, Same Record-Setting Results” is the theme of Lincoln Digital Group’s updated appearance.

“We’re the same agency team, using the same proven marketing framework that has achieved record-setting results month after month for our clients. It’s the same proven, repeatable approach for gaining market share and brand consideration for consumer businesses throughout South Florida, the United States and Latin America. But now, we’re doing it with a modernized appearance reflective of the quality and results we deliver to our clients,” said Lincoln Digital Group Founder & CEO Justin Cerone.

This is the first significant logo change and brand identity update since the agency was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2013.

On the inspiration for the change, Cerone commented “It was time for an updated look. One as proven and reliable as the framework for success that our clients repeatedly enjoy. That inspired the timeless black and white new primary scheme.”

“Another goal was to evolve the use of our bedrock orange color to reflect our viewpoint. Orange represents creativity — but creativity needs to be focused and in support of a strategy in order for it to add the most value. So you see less orange in our new identity than before, but used more effectively,” he said.

Lincoln Digital Group’s updated use of gray represents balance. In this case, the balance between the emphasis it places on creativity as well as results, which is rare to find in any one agency.

“Over the years, we’ve become experienced and proven in our results, and sophisticated in our approach. But our brand appearance and perception simply did not communicate that to our audience. Ironically, that’s a problem we helped about a half-dozen clients fix with re-brands and new logos before unveiling our own. Our Brand Consideration solution is designed to solve exactly this type of challenge,” Cerone concluded.

The “new look” Lincoln Digital Group is unveiled during what has already been a milestone month of May for the West Palm Beach digital agency. On May 2nd, it was announced they had been recognized as a “Top Digital Agency” by service provider marketplace UpCity.

The following week, it was announced that they are currently a finalist for B2C Agency of the Year by Global Agency Awards — one of four agencies out of more than 300 initial entrants competing for the ultimate honor.

You can discover the new identity on Lincoln Digital Group’s LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram channels today.