Introducing Brand Consideration Pro: A Proven Solution, Now More Comprehensive

In 2021, we debuted our Brand Consideration offering in order to solve a common set of challenges that prospects were repeatedly contacting us for help with.

A specialized offering that improved brand perception and grew opportunities for business both established and emerging, our brand consideration solution fixed client’s Brand identity, website and Instagram challenges in order to increase their overall brand consideration – ie. a consumer’s likelihood to buy from them. 

Today, with numerous Palm Beach County and South Florida businesses reliability growing opportunities thanks to their new branding, website and social media presences, we’re proud to exapnd and introduce our proven solution to address other needs a business in this same scenario is likely to encounter. 

Now offered as Brand Consideration Pro, this expanded solution includes everything from video templates to email campaigns and print assets to help Founders, CEOs, CMOs and Marketing Directors continue to solve the same core problem that the core Brand Consideration solution addresses at a fundamental level. 

Importantly, every single element of this expanded offering maximizes the value and impact of the original, core solution.  

See the full complement of Core and Pro Brand Consideration solutions HERE.

Why Choose a Brand Consideration Solution?

After fixing your brand consideration solution, you’ll have thoughts like this:

The word “PRO” doesn’t even say enough about my experience with LDG. I needed a logo and branding refresh as well as a new website that our show’s viewers would enjoy experiencing. LDG ensured that they understood the style and functionality we needed along with the developmental back end support so we could be heard online.
-Jana Angel
POSH Theory
And this:

There are many, many things about it that I love and am excited and proud of.

Thank you! You guys are amazing and brilliant and have given me more than I ever hoped for.

-Kathleen Carbonara

Carbonara Fine Art

And, also this:

Lincoln Digital Group did a terrific job creating my website. Their talented team of designers created something that I am very proud of, and would highly recommend this company. Extremely professional, courteous and with quick turnaround, Lincoln Digital Group should be your only choice for all your marketing and social media needs. I am a very satisfied customer. It was a pleasure working with them.

-Todd Feldman

Ethan Todd

How Does the Solution Come Together?

Below is a graphic of how our brand consideration solutions work together in a sequence to help improve your perception grow your opportunities:
brand consideration solution

Solving Brand Consideration: The Best End (or Beginning) to Your Year

For B2C businesses, there’s never a wrong time to increase a consumer’s likelihood to purchase from your brand. So, whether if it’s to end 2023, or begin 2024, solving your brand consideration with our help is an initiative proven to improve your brand perception, and grow leads as well as revenue — and what’s a better way than that to punctuate a business’ calendar?
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