Culture and Principles of Our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency

Culture and Principles of Our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency

We aim to be simple, focused and transparent about our culture and principles at Lincoln Digital Group. It’s not only something that I want to share because I’m proud of it and think it makes us unique, but more and more, prospective team members, clients and partners are interested in learning.

So, here’s a brief overview of what makes us unique, and what makes us “tick.”

Culture: Win How You Win Best

  • We are a family-friendly culture that embraces flexible, remote work and offering our team the balance they and their families need for the moments that make life special 
  • We prioritize winning, and team members with tenacious attitudes 
  • We encourage team members to work when and how they are most effective and productive 
  • We aim to prevent burn-out, and therefore do not limit vacation, and often encourage job-sharing 
  • Our CEO believes his main job is to make our team’s life easier

Principles: Getting to the Best Outcome is the Job

  • Our mission is to deliver enduring, high-quality digital marketing solutions (not services or “packages”) to our clients 
  • Our purpose is simply to win – in other words, to do what we do best at the highest possible level, both for ourselves and our clients
  • Our daily focus is simply to get to the best possible outcome
  • We strive to get a little bit better, each and every day 
  • We believe in honest feedback amongst our entire team, even if it’s unpleasant 
  • The client’s best interest always comes first 

Summarized by Our CEO

I want our culture and principles to be a blend of Michael Jordan and Mother Theresa. Our chief purpose is to win for our clients. That’s very demanding, and it’s not for everyone. But I know that consistent victory is only possible by being sensitive to the needs of our team and their families – and giving them whatever they need to be at their best in pursuit of our purpose. 

My primarily mission is creating effective harmony those two pillars of our digital marketing agency every day. It’s core to what makes us, us, and what clients and team members can expect from working with Lincoln Digital Group.

-Justin Cerone

Founder & CEO

Lincoln Digital Group