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A Digital Video Content Approach to Launch New Products
  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Audio editing
  • Video production
  • Media placement

To launch an important new product, you want to cut through the “noise” and put it on a path to winning its category as soon as possible. Compelling video creative is essential to achieiving that goal. But it takes more than sleek edits and a catchy soundtrack to convince consumers to pay a premium for your goods.

It takes a cohesive strategy. And executing that strategy during your launch period takes thoughtful messaging delivered in an intelligent sequence — to ensure your audience understands the full scope of how your new product uniquely helps them thrive.

We recently delivered on this approach for a client. Starting with a core benefit and singular theme, watch to see how we strategically built upon each prior video for an awareness and consideration video series that positioned their latest product as second to none.

Transform Your Growth

With a Solution like This

A proven framework to with video


When it came time to launch the all-new DHX Plus, a tankless electric water heater with capability and reliability that led its product category, we knew we had a lot to say. Using a theme of “the most advanced, capable and reliable” in the teaser video, we created a framework that created excitement out of the gate, and left plenty of room for subsequent videos to tell more of the story.


At Lincoln Digital Group, we believe we execute a proven effective framework and formula with sequential storytelling that makes a marketing video effective. After cutting through all the clutter with an initial teaser video, we produced longer “why buy” story that focused on the total package — utlimately creating longer multi- and single-attribute messages to highlight both the benefits of individual features and unify the entire product launch theme.

How Our Digital Content Marketing Videos Help Our Clients Create Awareness on Day One

If you truly want to stand out, you need something that goes above and beyond what typical video marketing services offer. 

According to Hubspot research, more than 50% of consumers prefer to see videos from their favorite brands as opposed to other forms of advertising. The click-through rate of videos vs. banners is 7.5 times higher.

But producing video content isn’t enough to make your brand stand out; you need to produce quality video content.

When your company is getting ready to launch a new product, countless hours are spent on many different aspects across your business. When you’re finalizing the details of getting your new product’s image and details out there for the consumer to see, we now know that a video campaign is an essential tool.

What Makes a Marketing Video Effective?

The short answer is: consistency and focus. The longer answer is a consistent theme and story — in this case, the product was the most advanced, capable and reliable — with a focused message in each video to drive home each of those “why buy” attributes that a prospect considers before making their purchase decision.

And it takes an experienced consumer marketing agency to see things as your prospect would.

While exact revenue figur you need marketing, you need quality videos that tell a story, which can significantly enhance your brand’s appearance. Our goal is to help your brand set itself apart to deliver reliable results and transform its growth.

Superior video marketing brings superior results. So when you’re ready to launch your latest, greatest product and begin winning your market — in a competitive field, no less — schedule a consultation with us. We’ll discuss your challenges and then make a victory plan based that leverages our proven product launch video framework and nearly 10 years of go-to-market experise

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