Bringing West Palm Beach’s NORA District to Life Online
  • Web design
  • Elementor (WordPress) development
  • Motion graphics design
  • SEO

When real estate developers NDT Development realized their flagship project – West Palm Beach’s forthcoming NORA district – needed its appearance online elevated and enhanced, we deployed our creative and WordPress Elementor development solutions to meet their needs.

Beginning by understanding the firm’s aesthetic and SEO goals for the page, we first envisioned an all-new clean visual design that was a natural fit with the existing website.

We then provided for the expanded copy and enhanced content areas that supported their SEO ambitions – including by embedding a featured Press section at the bottom of the page.

Once the high-level new page layout met client goals, we then maximized their existing media library. We leveraged their brand assets to create new GIFs. We applied five times the amount of lifestyle photos to the page compared to the prior version. We further modified project renderings to present as effectively as possible on the website.

Then, came the final challenge: making this all-new “big media” page usable and fast on smartphones. Our team of creatives and developers leveraged their experience to create the best user experience possible; re-designing and changing effects of numerous page elements.

Ultimately, the page not only achieved the client’s aesthetic goals (see before / after), but rapidly drove the site higher in SEO rank; moving from page 3 to the bottom of page 1 for relevant terms within 10 days of publication.

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