3 Strategies for South Florida Automotive Digital Marketing

Turbocharge Your Automotive Lead Generation and Conversions

Automotive Lead Generation

When it comes to building a marketing strategy for your South Florida car dealership, the bottom line always comes down to whether or not your plan is generating leads, AKA conversions.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three automotive digital marketing strategies in order of effectiveness.

Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation and Conversions in South Florida

#1. Full integration of digital and traditional

Leveraging a fusion of digital and traditional automotive marketing tactics means that your campaign is always on, and helps you ultimately reap cost benefit and greater return on ad spend (ROAS). It also positions you to be nimble and aggressive market by market.

#2. Digital-only

This allows you to make every last penny trackable and reportable—though you may lose some offline awareness and mindshare as a result. If you go digital-only, you should be sure to bolster your plan with event sponsorships and similar opportunities.

#3. Traditional Media-heavy price-leader

Using traditional advertising channels to declare one’s dealership to be a price-leader is one of the oldest strategies, and while it can work, it requires a high-output of cash to continuously finance.

You can see this used by groups like Fucillo or Off Lease Only, who shout from every rooftop that they offer great savings, can get (almost) anyone financed, and that their customers won’t pay more. Again, while this can work, it is expensive and creates a lot of missed opportunities for tracking lead generation and conversions.

Maximize Your South Florida Lead Generation and Conversions with Effective Automotive Digital Marketing

In the end, automotive lead generation and conversions are maximized via a seamless combination of digital marketing and traditional advertising. This provides you with the most opportunities to reach your audience, then make the sale.

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