What’s Happening Now in Digital Marketing?

The Latest Trends No Digital Marketing Agency Can Ignore

2019 AllNew Q8 ComingSoon Webslide R1
2019 AllNew Q8 ComingSoon Webslide R1

Whether we’re talking about strategy, graphic and web design, social media, or any other aspect of digital marketing, success is all about staying current to the latest techniques. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three current trends your digital marketing agency can’t ignore.

3 Trends Your Digital Marketing Agency Should Embrace

  • The rise of AI

New artificial intelligence tools will make the behavioral aspect of digital marketing more exact than ever. This involves leveraging AI software that will gather data and interact with your audience with more precision than ever before.

  • Impact through negative space

When it comes to graphic design, a new level of impact is being given to the product or messaging through the use of bold negative space. This means using plenty of space and balance on the page so that your product can speak for itself.

  • Mobile reach

It’s no secret that mobile is increasingly essential to a solid digital marketing strategy, but in 2018 it’s become all about going all-in on mobile. That means a digital marketing agency needs to find as many ways into the customer’s pocket as possible, whether that means responsive websites, social media, text, email, or anything else that makes the customer’s device go “ding.”

A Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency for the Future

Leveraging these and future trends is a matter of finding a web design and digital marketing agency that is constantly striving to look forward. With Lincoln Digital Group, that’s exactly what you get—graphic design and digital marketing that is powerful today, and will endure over time.

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