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Proven to Fight Consumer Marketing Stagnation...and Win

Stagnation — or not growing — and poor brand perception are major problems in any business. Every company must avoid them if they want to survive. If you don’t, you get passed by the market and your competitors.

Here are some our results our clients enjoy, and how we ensure stagnation does not happen to them:

  • 27% average monthly unit sales growth YTD in 2021
  • 56% of people said they were more likely to buy after viewing a TV commercial and video campaign  
  • 42% lead growth vs. 2019 for a BMW dealership  
  • 37% lead growth vs. 2019 for a Land Rover dealership  
  • 32% lead growth vs. 2019 for a Porsche dealership  
  • 30% lead growth from organic traffic visitors (SEO) vs. 2019
  • 200% branded organic search (SEO) growth Q2 2021 vs. Q2 2020

Winning with Convenience: Creating 30% More Opportunities

We know what consumers respond to because we measure it, then report on it, transparently.

Outcome of Our Creative Services: 56% More Likely to Buy

We’ve witnessed how our proven consumer marketing approach transforms businesses’ online growth trajectory and sales. Below are examples of how our creative services and paid media management help our clients move toward victory.

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Search Engine Optimization Results: Driving Visibility and Sales

Your business is worth more than accepting stagnation. You’ve worked harder than that. You deserve to reach your full potential, and you deserve reliable, repeatable growth — like these Lincoln Digital Group clients have enjoyed.

Client Testimonials: Guiding Consumer Businesses to Success

Marketing Committed to Winning Your Market

Hopefully by now, you’ve noticed 3 benefits in particular about the outcomes we deliver:

You’ll receive exceptionally high quality work.

You’ll receive transparent reporting and data.

We’re here to help you be #1 — period. We are not playing for 2nd place; not in your business, and not in ours.

Start your growth today. Schedule a discovery call to learn how we can deliver results like these for your business now.

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