Our Digital Marketing Buyers’ Guide

Buyers’ Guide: 7 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Switch to Lincoln Digital Group

1. Your current agency is not “looking around the corners” of your business. Instead of anticipating 1 or 2 quarters out into time, they’re stuck thinking 1 or 2 weeks into time. Seasonal adjustments aren’t being accounted for.  Tactics aren’t changing with the times. Media buys aren’t being planned accordingly. And they are simply are not seeing the big picture. Anticipation and planning is a core competency of Lincoln Digital Group — when you sense your business can’t continue to grow without it, it’s time to call us.

2. Attribution is non-existent (or worse, irrelevant). When sales reports aren’t accounted for, conversion costs aren’t monitored, and key buying actions on your site are not reported as leading indicators, your risk increases and your digital campaign effectiveness almost always decreases. Your firm is not simply paying to pay, or spending simply to spend. You need to see the proof in the pudding from UTMs to Persona profiles, Conversion Rates and IP tracking — and that’s what LDG delivers.

3. There’s no creative harmony. Either you’re tired, or your creative’s tired. Or both. Either way, that means there’s no harmony in the creative process with your agency. Too much feedback, or too much comfort, rarely creates the conditions for too much growth. When you’re ready to hand over the brief and review a handful of core concepts without needing to get in the weeds — and then let us take it across the finish line in accordance with your brand guide — you’re ready for LDG.

4. You’re tired of not playing to win: You’re budget constrained. Your pigeonholed. Your budget is being eaten away by click fraud. And your current agency isn’t doing a thing to change it. Nor do they truly know how to. You need the paid media tools and platforms, the intuition for navigating the “tough” budget conversations, and the expertise of managing seven figure annual paid media budgets to out-performing ROAS results. When you’re tired of not playing to win, you’re ready for LDG.

5. Pretty pictures aren’t producing you a profit. Branding is essential. Design is critical. But there are limits to where they can take you. They are not substitutes for an agency that can do them well, and then do more with them for your same dollar. When branding and design is not clearly creating more buyers for you— or, the type of buyers you want — you’re ready to think more comprehensively with your go to market approach. It’s time for the strategic, full-funnel, creative-to-campaign execution resources of an agency like LDG.

6. You’re thinking long-term. Long term is 3-5 years out in our world. Yes, we help you monetize the here and now. But, using our 10 years of B2C retail agency experience, we also help you against doing so at the expense of tomorrow. Marketing (when done well) is chess. Brands that rob Peter to pay Paul play checkers. When you’re prepared with patience to execute the business plan, and you want advice for the long-term instead of advice desperate to fall the long gap between your sales and your target, you’re ready to switch to LDG.

7. You value priorities, not perfection. In B2C marketing, speed, responsiveness and a contemporary approach to your audience engagement approach wins your business. And the nature of B2C marketing is that there’s always more to do, more needs than time, and often one or two things left undone. You hate it. We hate it. But, our vision is fixed on helping you win exponentially more than you lose. That means unrelenting prioritization and cost-benefit analysis. When you’re ready for a grown up agency with 10 years of expertise in knowing where and how to best spend their time for your business, you’re ready to switch to LDG.


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