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What Makes an Effective B2C Agency Advertising?

A “Business-2-Consumer” agency, or B2C agency, is expert in marketing to people (not other businesses), and understanding your particular consumer. Connecting with consumers — more specifically, high-end, affluent consumers — is a path to lucrative business growth. At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve developed an expertise and framework for marketing to them. But this savvy audience doesn’t respond to just any old marketing.

A Luxury B2C Marketing Focus Since 2013

That’s why we’ve made creating opportunities amongst the high-end consumer audience our specialty since 2013. From automotive retailers, to watchmakers, jewelry stores, consumer goods manufacturers, homebuilders, elective medical practitioners, social media companies and more, nearly 90% of our client work has focused on connecting with, and converting, affluent consumer audiences.

It is practically the only thing we do. It is the central audience we orient our business approach and expertise around.

And because of this deep focus, we understand the affluent consumer audience — and how you can go from their suitors to sellers — better than any other agency.

The Right Expertise for a Strong Consumer Marketing Plan

To deliver the results you’re seeking, our team first understands what “victory” looks like to you. Then, we craft plans for achieving your specific needs or goals — such as strategy, branding, digital media buying and web development. 

Our experience tells us that when campaigns fail, it’s usually because of shortcuts in the planning or resourcing process. Our team is trained to help you avoid those pitfalls.

All with brands’ ideal consumer in mind, results delivered by our B2C advertising agency have been proven effective through our actions in:

And since we mentioned results, here are some outcomes of our B2C marketing campaigns: See the case studies.

Our B2C Marketing Formula 

B2C marketing can be tremendously successful when brands establish a unique and genuine connection with their audience. But, that’s extremely challenging in today’s world of divided attention and fragmented media and shopping experiences.

Borrowing elements from StoryBrand, here’s some information about how we achieve it:

  • Understanding the root of what your ideal target truly wants
  • Establishing clear, unique value propositions
  • Speaking to your ideal target as the main character in their story
  • Positioning your business as their trusted guide
  • Describing how your product or service positively transforms their life
  • Making buying from you easier and more convenient than the competition

How Does B2C Marketing Work?

Most consumer brands want “marketing that works,” and fast. A consumer marketing campaign that connects with your audience, reaches them at the right place and time throughout their consideration process, and then motivates them to take a buying action related to your products or services requires proven expertise

The first step involves understanding what your ideal audience wants, in order to connect with them — thereby creating brand loyalty. Once you connect with them, you’re on the path to achieving all-important brand consideration. From there, the most successful B2C marketing uses relevant media placements and convenient paths to purchase to grow opportunities and sales.

  •       Branding, messaging and creative that makes connections

Effective consumer connections strart with branding and messaging that resonates with the ideal audience, which grows purchase likelihood. We possess deep expertise in this area and specialize in growing consumer brand consideration.

  •       Media placements that are relevant to daily life

Consumer marketing is most effective when it reaches the audience through media that is highly-relevant to their daily lives. This means digital media buying such as search engines, streaming TV, social media, podcasts, and more. Appearing in, or around, the media most relevant to your ideal consumer tells them your brand “gets them” — which subsconsciously makes them more likely to buy from you.

  •       Clear, easy paths to purchase
In the post-pandemic economy, convenience wins more sales than anything else. So, once your ideal consumer is prepared to buy, brands must make the process easy as possible. We focus on helping brands make their steps to buy — what we call the “path to purchase” as clear as possible, and their overall website and “checkout” experience more convenient than their competition.

Signs that You Need B2C Marketing Help

Here are some telltale signs that you need consumer marketing help:

  1. Your brand or messaging does not effectively communicate what makes your business special.
  2. The public does not have a clear idea of what you offer, or why your offering is superior.
  3. You’re not being frequently contacted by your ideal buyers.
  4. Your new user or new customer rates are stagnant.
  5. You often receive negative feedback to your pricing.

Ready to Begin Consumer Marketing?

Beginning or optimizing performance of your B2C marketing with Lincoln Digital Group is easy— simply schedule a discovery call to discuss your needs.

From there, we’ll create a plan for success — what we call a “Victory Plan” for every key aspect of your consumer marketing goals. This includes research, creative and media strategy that provides a path to connecting with, and converting, your ideal consumer audience.

Is your business ready to be the next success story working with our B2C agency? Contact us for assistance today. B2C