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What Makes an Effective B2C Advertising Agency?

A “Business-2-Consumer” agency, or B2C agency, is expert in marketing to people (not other businesses), and understanding your particular consumer. Connecting with consumers — more specifically, high-end, affluent consumers — is a path to lucrative business growth. At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve developed an expertise and framework for marketing to them, and once you figure that out, business growth comes much easier. But this savvy audience doesn’t respond to just any old marketing.

We understand what it’s like to want to reach them, but to feel confused and challenged in the process…to see the massive potential they represent, but to not know how to connect with and motivate them, time and time again…to feel stymied, which no one should feel, but also to feel the burning desire to overcome this challenge and connect with the audience.

A Luxury B2C Marketing Focus Since 2013

That’s why we’ve made creating opportunities amongst the high-end consumer audience our specialty since 2013. From automotive retailers, to watch brands, jewelry stores, consumer goods manufacturers, homebuilders, elective medical practitioners, social media companies and more, nearly 90% of our client work has focused on connecting with, and converting, affluent consumer audiences.

It is practically the only thing we do. It is the central audience we orient our business approach and expertise around.

And because of this deep focus, we understand the affluent consumer audience — and how you can go from their suitors to sellers — better than any other agency.

Steps for Effective B2C Marketing

To deliver the results you’re seeking, our team first understands what “victory” looks like to you. Then, we craft plans for achieving your specific needs or goals — such as strategy, branding, digital media buying and web development. 

Our experience tells us that when campaigns fail, it’s usually because of shortcuts in the planning or resourcing process. Our team is trained to help you avoid those pitfalls.

All with brands’ ideal consumer in mind, results delivered by our B2C advertising agency have been proven effective through our actions in:

And since we mentioned results, here are some outcomes of our B2C marketing campaigns: See the case studies.

Is your business ready to be the next success story working with our B2C agency? Contact us for assistance today. 


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