Gratitude: A New Year’s Note from Our CEO

When you talk to someone long enough, what you do always comes up in conversation.

And people who only see me every so often, or meet me for the first time, typically have similar reactions. They’re almost all to the effect of: “Wow, that must be a lot of pressure.” Or, “your job must be really hard.”

Sometimes, people familiar with the marketing/ad space even go so far as to say “I couldn’t imagine working in that world managing all those creative personalities.”

Yes, this business can be hard. And yes, there’s a lot of pressure. But, the truth is, I’m grateful for every second of it.

As Our Digital Agency Enters a New Year, I’m Grateful for Our Team, Clients and Shared Experiences

Our team at Lincoln Digital Group is incredible; not only because of what they deliver, but also because they’re incredible as people. They’re ambitious, talented, genuine and dedicated. That’s far from common. And I couldn’t be more grateful to them for how uniquely awesome they are.

The same goes for our clients: I’m grateful for each and every one of them — no matter the size of their business, nor how long they’ve been loyal to us. Nearly every single client is a great person who’s remarkably pleasurable to serve. And they’re grateful for our hard work and results in return. You don’t find that in most service businesses — much less the agency business.

So as I said, I’m grateful for all of them. Our team and clients make my job easy. But that’s not why I’m grateful. I’m grateful because they make our shared experiences at Lincoln Digital Group what they are, and will continue to be, in 2015 and beyond.

So, to all of you: thank you, and Happy New Year.


Justin Cerone

CEO, Lincoln Digital Group

Happy New Year from our agency family to yours!

PS: To anyone who’s reading that is feeling pressured, sad, or maybe even a little ungrateful or mad for what they don’t have or haven’t accomplished, take a second to realize everything you do have to grateful for. Your new year will be better because of it.