How Our West Palm Beach SEO Company Conquered a Product Category

Proof Our SEO Company Delivers the Best Results Possible on Google

Compeition is everywhere in business today. And effective SEO and creative services are essential ingredients to growing awareness of your products amongst in-market shoppers in the category.

In the modern digital landscape, these skills are proven to help consumer brands capture attention, outperform the competition on search engines, and create opportunities to connect with your ideal customers where they’re already shopping — on search engines. If you’re going to achieve the best results possible on Google, you need a West Palm Beach SEO company that knows how to utilize proven tactics that secure search victory.

Lincoln Digital Group is proven to provide exactly these kinds of results. Here’s a recent example of how we drove one client’s product rise to the top of its competitive product category on Google this year — creating more searches for their product by name than the top two other competitive products. 

A West Palm Beach SEO Company Winning the Product Category Battle on Google

This particular client’s brand has been a leader in this particular product category in Europe and other markets abroad for nearly a century. However, they recently made a concerted effort to grow market share and retail sales volume in the American market.

In an effort to achieve this, they partnered with our West Palm Beach SEO company with the hopes of increasing overall search engine vislbity amongst in-market shoppers, and growing head-to-head product consideration for their flagship product (blue line) vs. two primary competitive products (red and yellow lines).

To accomplish this, our team went to work improving the company’s onsite SEO by heavily optimizing the flagship product’s page for the most valuable category terms. We then improved the quantity and quality of category content on their website, creating articles and resources that spoke directly to what shoppers were most intereted in researching. We then produced a series of informative videos that increased brand and product presence within the category on YouTube, and used a layer of PPC & social media marketing to supplement those efforts.

The results speak for themselves.

West Palm Beach SEO company
This chart shows nationwide searches on Google for each competitive product by name.

As you can see from this graph, our efforts for our client were highly successful, lifting their brand to achieve significant product-specific search growth, that ultimately became #1 in its competitive set. This is the growth patten you want to see when the goal is to expand your consideration of your product amongst active shoppers. Year-to-date, this particular client’s product volume in the category is up nearly 32% as a result of this investment. 

Lincoln Digital: A West Palm Beach SEO Company Proven to Deliver Category-Leading Product Searches

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve spent nearly a decade working with a wide variety of exciting companies operating in markets spanning the country and the world, and we know how to deliver results. If you’re looking to grow your search presence, build your product awareness, connect with consumers, and—ultimately—achieve greater sales and expand your market share, we are proven to deliver all the services you need to succeed.

Our experienced web design and SEO team knows how to help solve search-related problems on your existing site, or we can develop one that is optimized for success from the start. Beyond your site, we produce all of the necessary creative, Google ads, social content, and other deliverables necessary to execute a campaign that wins your market. And every step of the way, we’ll be collecting and analyzing data then adjusting as necessary to ensure that you are getting the greatest possible ROI.

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