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Website development and web design services are ubiquitous in the modern business environment. Many companies provide them. Your customers demand the benefits and convenience it can provide them. And your competitors can treat it as a business advantage if they execute it more effectively than you. In 2021, a new website that truly changes your business may seem easy to come by. In reality, it’s not. There are countless opportunities for mistakes. We’ve made plenty of them ourselves. But the unique expertise that comes with providing website development and web design services since 2013 means Lincoln Digital Group is an ideal partner to guide you to success with your next website.

Website Development and Design Services for All Needs

At Lincoln Digital, we’ve spent nearly a decade providing high-end, start-to-finish web development services, and we have a proven track record for building websites that convert visitors into customers. We guide businesses from idea to impact developing the following types of web needs:
  • WordPress websites
  • Drupal websites
  • Shopify websites
  • Information and content websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Media and entertainment websites
  • Account-based websites
To deliver the website development results you’re seeking, our team first understands what new website “victory” looks like to you. Then, we deliver plans for achieving your specific goals to ensure your new website leads customers to the buying actions you need in order to grow.  And since we mentioned results, here are some outcomes of our web design services See our website portfolio

Our Formula for Effective Web Development

  • Responsive Design / Mobile Responsiveness 
Responsive web design layouts automatically adjust and adapt to any device screen size, whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. We use our technical knowledge and design expertise to ensure that your website looks and functions in a manner that’s ideal for that specific experience –, no matter what device your customers are using to shop.
  • UX Design
Our designers are experts at crafting websites that are intuitive to navigate and funnel customers toward buying actions.
  • Content
Our creative agency services team tells the story of your brand on your website and other channels via blogging, imagery, and other content.
  • WordPress Development
The pre-eminent web platform for good reason, WordPress is so common that it can also appear indistinct to many visitors – and that’s bad for your brand. We not only develop WordPress websites so that your brand can wield an effective, functional website unique to your business – but we also manage the key technical aspects of the backend, such as automation capabilities, plugin management and security. 

What Does Effective Web Development Look Like?

Web development that successfully achieves conversions requires a lot of research and effort. It means studying the habits of your customers then building a website that takes advantage of their browsing tendencies. It also means performing research on your competitors, for example, by identifying opportunities to surpass them in terms of SEO and other factors. At Lincoln Digital, we’re focused on data-driven web development. Once we’ve collected all of this information, we use it to build websites that load rapidly, rank highly on search engines, lead users down the path to purchase, and monitor analytics so that we can continue to refine your site for ever-growing success. As a result, your company gains a website that connects with your audience, creates buying actions then keeps them coming back for more. Ultimately, that creates greater market share for you.

Lincoln Digital Group: A Web Development Agency that Delivers Results

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’ve spent nearly a decade building websites that help our clients beat the competition, reach customers, and convert. Our expert team is highly skilled at working within virtually every industry, and we’ve helped our clients achieve substantial successes in markets across the United States and around the world. What kinds of successes are we talking about? For one automotive client, we delivered year-over-year sales records in 11 out of 12 months over the course of 2020. This is impressive no matter what the circumstance, but especially so when you consider that this achievement spanned the economic difficulties presented by the pandemic, which had a particularly negative impact on vehicle sales. In another recent case, we helped our client secure growth in search engine category impressions by as much as 60%, achieving 135% increases in the top 10 categories overall. This resulted in a 34% growth in conversions over the course of just a few months. Suffice to say that if you’re looking for a website that converts, our digital marketing agency delivers.

What’s the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

One thing that a lot of people have confusion about involves the question of web development vs. web design. What’s the difference between the two? Essentially, web design is one aspect of web development. It encompasses factors like graphics and layout, and quality design is essential for presenting users with a website that is visually appealing, on-brand, and intuitive to navigate. Effective web design is achieved through significant hands-on experience and a keen visual eye toward user expectations. It comes from years of working with wide-ranging brands on a diverse variety of projects, and an understanding of the best practices and modern design principles necessary to help drive customer connection and acceptance. At Lincoln Digital Group, our team offers over 100 years of combined experience working with high-end brands throughout the world. We’ll provide you with a website that makes you appear best-in-class, all while effectively guiding customers to the sale.

Leverage Web Development Proven to Help You Capture Opportunities

When you choose Lincoln Digital for your web development needs, you not only get a website that converts, but benefit from our ongoing analysis and optimizations.  As market conditions change, we’re here to determine how customer interactions are evolving then identify opportunities to improve and build upon previous successes. This ensures that your site won’t experience diminishing impact over time, and that you’re not wasting money on ineffective campaigns. At Lincoln Digital, we’re committed to helping you win your market, and we provide the sort of data-driven web development services that you need to maximize your marketing budget and get on the path to reliable, repeatable growth online.

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