Helping Our Client Takeover a “Big Box” Retailer’s Webpage

How Our West Palm Beach Advertising Agency Delivered National Exposure for a Client

Growth-oriented brands that come to our ad agency in West Palm Beach usually want to grow consideration within their particular category at, or near, the point of purchase.

It’s a proven strategy for gaining brand awareness and market share amongst in-market shoppers. And this is especially beneficial when there’s an opportunity for direct response e-commerce as a result.

But such opportunities on e-commerce websites aren’t often available, and are more challenging to negotiate due to their scarcity.

Recently, our West Palm Beach digital marketing agency helping our client achieve national visibility, thanks largely to the efforts of our experienced and professional media buying and graphic design teams.

This is how our West Palm Beach ad agency placed a high-impact category takeover ad on The Home Depot dot com for a client. 

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Media Buying Expertise + Talented Graphic Design = Major Growth

When we first discovered there was an opportunity for our client to “takeover” their primary product category page a high-visibility banner at the top of a leading national retailer’s website, we knew this would be an ideal amplification of the product consideration strategy — helping them gain tremendous visibility at the point where their prospects were seeking a product to tap “buy now” on.

Sitting at the intersection of the client’s strategy with and our media buying expertise, we recognized this was an opportunity for a strategic home run. So, we acted rapidly and began negotiating the placement.

As a result, we secured this takeover placement with 100% share of voice — providing full exclusivity for our client at the top of the category page for weeks at a time.

This 100% share of voice arrangement — an expert media buyer’s dream — also meant that the takeover opportunity was a zero sum game. All of our clients competitors within the category would lose the opportunity to appear their during the same time.

In the first few weeks of the takeover, growth has been resounding — driving nearly 40% volume increases at this same retailer year over year.

Here’s more about what led to this unique achievement.

Creative Design for Strategic Growth

While Stiebel Eltron has been a global leader in hot water heater manufacturing for nearly a century, their American business came to our digital marketing agency seeking to increase market share and units sold. Lincoln Digital Group was tasked with this mission.

The Home Depot retails Stiebel Eltron products nationwide, making this category takeover an ideal placement opportunity. After our media buyers secured the placement, our talented graphic design team went to work, producing a banner that separated the brand from the competition and maximized the available space looked — helping our client tell their brand story effectively. 

As a result, our client’s brand and  ended up appearing nationwide on relevant The Home Depot’s category page, securing a major victory in our campaign to grow Stiebel Eltron’s brand awareness and market share.

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