SINCE 2013, WE HAVE...

  • Gained experience in nearly 30 different industries
  • Served clients in the US, Canada, China and Latin America
  • Been recognized as a 2022 B2C Agency of the Year Finalist by Global Agency Awards
  • Architected a first-of-its kind sponsorship of “The Big Game” between a local business and NFL broadcast affiliate
  • Developed complete integrated marketing campaign to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a Florida luxury auto group
  • Led strategy and paid media activations throughout 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Our West Palm Beach Digital Agency Provides Marketing Solutions for Reliable Growth

Founded in 2013, Lincoln Digital Group™ is a full-service West Palm Beach digital agency known for providing high-quality digital marketing agency services and proven approaches to growth.

We possess deep expertise as a consumer marketing agency and automotive ad agency — having served some of the largest dealer groups in the State of Florida in our 10 years of business.

See How We Became a Digital Marketing Agency — Read Our Origin Story

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Introducing Our Start-to-Finish Brand Consideration Solution

When consumers aren’t responding to your message or connecting with your Brand, you don’t have strong brand consideration. That’s a major problem. New for 2023 based upon proven effectiveness in delivering re-branding work for clients, we’re proud to introduce our start-to-finish brand consideration solution — fix your brand today!

Finding a Digital Agency

We specialize in helping medium- and large-sized companies reach and convert affluent, high-end consumers across various marketing channels. We’ve also been called upon to serve as a reliable digital guide for publicly-traded and multi-national corporations.

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What We Value

All our energies are centered around your business: Increasing your opportunities and elevating your brand perception to new heights. As a results-driven digital agency, we’ll harness the power of our proven digital marketing framework to overcome any challenges and help you reach your fullest potential. How do we make it happen? It all comes down to what matters most to us:


When we work with your brand, we treat your business like it’s our business. That’s how we become completely invested in your success. We dive deep into learning who you are and what you want so we can personalize our strategies to make it happen


Our work is never done. We’re constantly striving to revolutionize, innovate, and improve our efforts—and we never take the easy way out. We absolutely utilize time-tested methodologies, but we also stay on the cutting edge of digital advocacy to push the boundaries of what’s possible and achieve your goals


We approach every Client need or opportunity with our best effort. After all, you’re coming to us to advance your brand—why wouldn’t we meet each challenge and every new opportunity with our full commitment and a sense of urgency? We set high-performance expectations for ourselves because your success is our primary goal.


Digital Marketing Centered Around You

At Lincoln Digital Group™, we custom-tailor our proven strategies to get the results you really want. Our digital team learns what makes your business tick and exactly what your goals are, then builds carefully curated web campaigns to do more than just drum up new business, but to encourage sustainable success for long-term growth.

Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Web Design Creative Services
Our SEO services aren’t just about bringing new traffic to your site; we zero in on bringing in qualified, enthusiastic leads by learning what victory looks like to you, then optimizing your efforts to reach specific audiences with laser-like precision.
Connect with your ideal market on the platforms they use every day. Our team will leverage your social media channels to become part of the larger community, enhance engagement, amplify your message, and connect with a whole new audience of consumers.
Make your website work for you. Anymore, your website isn’t just the “virtual business card” it used to be. We’ll transform your website into a nonstop lead-generation tool that guides clients and customers through the buying journey
Your brand tells a visual story. We’ll help you share that story, express your brand’s unique point of view, and showcase what sets you apart and what you stand for. We’ll refresh and revitalize what’s working or craft the perfect visuals for what’s new and next.
Email Marketing Content Strategy Branding And More
Bring your brand closer to your audiences with messages that land right in their inboxes. We’ll craft campaigns that inspire engagement and offer analytical data so your brand grows stronger with every campaign.
Share your industry expertise with your target audience and become their go-to guide. Our team will boost the signal on what you already do best with a content strategy that generates traffic and establishes your brand as the premier authority.
We uncover cutting-edge positioning and branding strategies to help you stand out. From story and messaging to market and consumer research, we’ll build opportunities to endow your brand story with the po
When it comes to helping you reach your fullest potential, there’s no limit to what Lincoln Digital Group™ can do for you. We’ll leverage our array of marketing strategies to make growth happen.


Our leadership team’s expertise spans marketing strategy, creative, media and campaign execution — and brings more than 50 combined years of digital agency marketing experience to the table in helping you transform your growth and win your market.

Justin C.

CEO & Creative Director

Working with LDG since 2013

Cara M.

Business Development Specialist
and Social Media Lead

Working with LDG since 2017

Sam L.

Sr. Designer & Motion
Graphics Animator

Working with LDG since 2020

Patty B.

Sr. Web Developer

Working with LDG since 2021

Diogo S.

Motion Graphics
Producer and Editor

Working with LDG since 2020

Wil B.

SEO Specialist

Working with LDG since 2018

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Thanks to good fortune, a talented team and a commitment to results, Lincoln Digital Group has helped some of the most notable and well-reputed businesses in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Hillsborough County grow opportunities and enhance their brands. See our results and marketing case studies here. Lincoln Digital Group™ is selected by clients for our responsive service, deep digital knowledge, innovative solutions and B2C marketing expertise — all of which help our clients grow cost-effectively with the big picture in mind.

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