Digital Media and OTT Buying

Digital Media Buying

Premier Digital Media and OTT Buying (Over the Top) Services

Proven Paid Search (SEM), Connected TV and Social Advertising Expertise

Are you looking for a digital media agency that knows consumer marketing — and better yet — how to reach your ideal consumer? One that knows how to first “nail it,” and then “scale it,” when it comes to your media buys? 

At Lincoln Digital, we have an established track record of capturing eyeballs, winning clicks and converting those visitors into opportunities for your business. We leverage digital media fundamentals such as paid search and re-targeting, as well as more novel approaches such as OTT buying and CTV advertising. 

We carefully plan every campaign to maximize its effectiveness over the course of each budget period, all the while gathering and analyzing data to continually optimize each successive campaign. This results in campaigns that deliver more opportunities at lower costs.

Your business wants and needs results. But that general desire gets complex when you get into the details. That’s why our digital media and OTT buying services are focused and executed to meet specific challenges such as growing brand awareness, sparking brand consideration, and driving conversions—that translates to more sales and greater market share. 

With your ideal consumer in mind, we execute digital media buying services across:

  • Paid search
  • Paid social
  • Streaming video
  • Pure Over-the-Top (OTT) inventory
  • Display advertising
  • Custom digital sponsorships

With our paid media expertise, our clients enjoy the results they’re looking for: greater brand awareness, more consideration, and more cost-effective conversions. See the results we deliver in our recent case studies.

What Is Digital Media Buying?

We understand that “digital media buying” is a term that can have many layers to it. Here’s an overview of how we view it at LDG: 

Digital Media Buying involves purchasing ad space on various media outlets. Traditionally this meant on television and radio, but in the modern media landscape, it centers around ad placement on search engines, social media, streaming — such as OTT buying, websites, and other digital properties.

We believe we live in a multi-device world. This creates a complex fragmented shopping experience full of numerous pitfalls – as well as numerous opportunities, if you know how to secure them. 

At Lincoln Digital Group, we out-perform typical digital media results by leveraging nearly 10 years of digital marketing expertise to execute highly-effectively on the platforms that are most relevant to your customers’ daily lives. This is part of our commitment to winning for our clients.

What is OTT Buying and Advertising?

While newer than most digital media channels, you’ve likely heard of “Over the Top” a/k/a “OTT advertising” – named for the fact that it is delivered “over the top” (read: independent of) your cable or satellite box, ie. via the internet. It is a form of Connected Television, or “CTV advertising.” 

OTT advertising involves securing ad placements on connected TV apps and platforms, such as Hulu, ESPN+, Peacock and hundreds of other ways your audience watches content on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime and more. 

With streaming services essentially taking over today’s media landscape, OTT advertising is a powerful tool for connecting with modern consumers. And importantly, OTT differs from general CTV advertising because it ensures your ad is served on a television-sized screen. Where CTV can ultimately serve ads to streamers watching on an iPad or iPhone, OTT advertising cannot. And so this “made for the big screen” difference can create a world of value in your digital media buying approach. 

Because OTT ads are inserted in streaming in real-time rather than adhering to pre-planned broadcast schedules, they provide greater flexibility in terms of air times, audience targeting and geographic location. This results in less budget waste, enhanced ad relevance and engagement, and affords greater control over implementation strategy.

If you’re looking for an OTT advertising agency that delivers results, you want Lincoln Digital.

Unique Advantages and Experience of Lincoln Digital Group

At Lincoln Digital Group, we’re South Florida’s consumer marketing leader in OTT buying and ad placement, as well as digital media buying. But, our experience doesn’t end there. We’re an expert consumer agency that knows how to build powerful, effective brand messaging that will connect to your customers and motivate them to act.

Our team of creative media experts understand every aspect of crafting a marketing strategy that delivers results. We’ve done this for businesses in more than two dozen consumer verticals, not only across the entirety of the United States, but around the globe.

Whether you’re looking for graphic design, web development, video production, content creation, or anything else that goes into creating a robust, effective branding campaign, our team provides.

The Path to Growth: Launching Your Digital Media Campaign

Our process and marketing framework is proven effective over nearly a decade of consumer digital marketing. These are our core tenants:

  •       Research

This involves looking at your current digital media efforts to identify strengths and weaknesses. We also perform competitor research to determine where gains need to be made and where you’re already winning. On top of that, we look at the buying and digital habits of your ideal customers.

  •       Execution 

Once we’ve gathered all of the necessary data, we create and implement a campaign that spans all of the most effective digital media avenues, including OTT and CTV advertising.

  •       Optimization

Every step of the way we’ll be collecting and analyzing data to verify that you’re receiving the desired results, then make adjustments to ensure you’re on the path to long-term growth online.

Ready to start connecting to your ideal customers via digital media placement?

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