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When it comes to being discovered by new customers online, Search Engine Optimization—better known as “SEO”—is essential. Effective SEO services ensure that your website can effectively outrank the competition on search engines. Studies have shown that roughly 90% of all clicks go to the first few results. That means it’s imperative to partner with an SEO agency that provides all the skills and services you need to reach the top of Page One.

Here are a few ways our digital marketing agency can make your business an SEO winner.

Keywords, Content, and Analysis: Essential SEO Services

  •       Keyword research

SEO that works is all about understanding which keywords will most effectively bolster your search ranking. This might seem intuitive, but it’s often not. At Lincoln Digital Group, we perform the keyword research that is essential to building an SEO strategy that effectively drives up your ranking and gets your business seen. 

We also perform keyword research on your competitors, then devise tailored strategies to outrank them. All of this means focusing on keywords that are specifically being used by in-market shoppers — helping to win fresh eyeballs and new customers to your website. SEO isn’t easy, but thorough, expert keyword research is the first step toward success. 

  •       Content creation

Once we uncover the most valuable keywords for your business, it’s time to deploy them via content that leverages them correctly. That means properly combining keywords according to search engine guidelines. It also means using our decades of experience to craft headlines and body paragraphs for optimal indexing by Google and Bing. 

The content team at our SEO agency is highly skilled at creating content that uses best SEO practices, ensuring that adding content to your site that not only supports top-tier search rankings, but delivers new and informative value to your customers — ultimately leading them to trust your business with a purchase. 

But, how do we make sure those purchases continue, and most importantly — continue to grow

  •       Analysis and refinement

After your SEO campaign has launched, it’s essential to track its progress, collect and analyze data, then adjust as needed. At Lincoln Digital Group, we have the tools and experience necessary to collect that data then determine the best course of action. 

We use competitor and visibility tracking, site health audits, and new key phrase discovery reports, just to name a few, all in the interest of delivering, measuring, and refining your results for continuous SEO growth your business can count on.

Expert SEO and Digital Marketing from Lincoln Digital Group

For nearly a decade now, our digital marketing agency has been helping our clients reach customers and expand their market share by leveraging the best in SEO, web development, graphic design, video production, content marketing, media buying, and more. We provide the SEO capabilities and expertise your business needs to be discovered by new customers online and placed on the path to enduring digital growth. 

Be sure to explore our latest case studies highlighting our recent results. For example, for one client we recently used our SEO strategies to grow category views by 60% and sales opportunities by 30% quarter over quarter.

What could that type of growth do for your business? 

To learn more about how our SEO services help your business grow, call our online marketing agency at (561) 815-5015 or contact us here today.