How to Effectively Combine Graphic Design, Web Design & Web Development

Bolster Your Marketing with Quality Graphic Design, Web Design & Web Development

In a previous post, we explained the difference between and importance of having solid graphic design, web design, and web development when marketing to your West Palm Beach audience. Now you might be wondering—how can you combine them to the greatest possible effect?

Let’s take a look at where these three essential marketing elements overlap.

Where Graphic Design, Web Design & Web Development Meet

A good starting point for all of this is with your graphic design. These are the visual elements that will be used in every facet of your marketing, from your logo, to the colors used in banners, ads, your website, and a whole lot more.

Once you have your graphic design elements more or less sorted out, it’s time to apply them to your website during the web design phase. This is where design aspects are placed on your site, and the site is built out using the colors, fonts, and other visual cues that you’ve already determined.

Web development usually takes place alongside web design as the two are integral to one another. Your web development informs how the various visual aspects will function, for example, where banners and menus will lead visitors when clicked.

Leave Your Web Design, Graphic Design & Web Development to the Experts

At Lincoln Digital Group, we have a team of highly skilled graphic designers, web designers, and web developers who have created and combined each of these elements to great effect for a wide range of clients. In other words, we make visually captivating, user-friendly websites that will grab your audience’s attention and convert.

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