Finding a Digital Agency Near Me: How to Choose 

digital agency near me

From Full Service Digital Marketing Solutions to the Best Website & Creative, See How Lincoln Digital Group Stands Apart 

You’re here, searching “digital agency near me,” because you’re looking for the full service digital marketing company that’s best for your needs. And in our nearly 9 years of business, we’ve seen plenty of them come and go – especially in our West Palm Beach “backyard.” 

We’ve also fielded plenty of questions about what makes our digital agency different.

We’ve used that experience to prepare a short primer to our digital agency, and how we operate, below. 

We Provide Solutions to Deliver the Outcomes You Need 

Most full service digital marketing agencies and ad agencies aim to sell you “services” or “packages.” 

We take a more focused approach. We sell solutions

Why? Because we believe the primary function of a digital agency is to solve market challenges and capture opportunities for our clients. 

And unlike humans who buy things for pleasure, businesses and brands almost always only buy something when they have a need, problem or opportunity. 

In other words, businesses “shop” because there’s something they need to solve for – and as a digital agency, we need to be aligned with that approach. 

Common Problems Our Digital Agency is Experienced Solving 

Here are some of the problems that we commonly encounter and offer specific solutions for:

  • Lack of digital infrastructure: No Google My Business account, no local profile listings, no analytics, etc. 
  • Bad reviews
  • Low quantity of reviews 
  • Low visibility for “near me” or “local” terms on search engines  
  • Lack of market share or awareness within your search category
  • Lack of customer retention 
  • Lack of means to deliver thought leadership or announcements to your audience 
  • Lack of leads or calls 
  • Lack of focused web content for specific offerings 
  • Lack of integrated, compelling campaign creative 
  • Lack of ability to automatically stay in touch with / maintain contact with your leads 
  • Poor branding 
  • Poor messaging (eg. copywriting or brand “storytelling”)
  • Out of date websites
  • Websites that are challenging for you to edit
  • Wasted media budget 
  • Lack of media cost transparency 
  • Lack of audience growth 
  • Low-quality opportunities (ie. poor conversion rates)
  • Lack of proven marketing strategy or overall guidance 
  • Declining revenue 

Does your business have one of the problems or needs listed above? 

Odds are high that: 

  1. The answer is yes. 
  2. We have a proven solution to fix it. 

So, let’s dive in to the next common question we face when people are asking “what’s the best digital agency near me?” — pricing.

How Are Your Solutions Priced? Retainers for a Digital Agency Near Me

Some of the solutions above can be completed in a short amount of time. But many of our clients’ problems are more complex than that, and require on-going or regular focus and commitment to truly provide enduring solutions to their problems. 

Because of this, we often price using a retainer model – which refers to an arrangement between a business and our digital agency to work together for a period of time on a variety of business challenges or needs. 

In a retainer arrangement, you’re paying a set monthly rate to reserve our skills and expertise in order to deliver on the solutions you need. This is opposed to charging by the project, or by the day. (We no longer bill by the hour). 

The retainer rate is the total of the regular effort we believe it will take to solve your problem(s) and deliver the promised solution(s) on an on-going monthly basis. 

Our average retainer for new clients is around $7,200 per month – but this is of course dependent upon the types of needs or challenges you’re facing. It varies based upon the solution you need. We also are deeply experienced with full service digital marketing retainers that fulfill all strategy, creative and digital media needs that a client may have over the course of a given month. 

Benefits of a Digital Agency Retainer

In addition to providing cost certainty to a business, we find that retainer arrangement typically provides the most overall value, service cohesion and overall continuity and quality of execution to our clients’ businesses as well – and isn’t that what you want from a digital marketing solution? 

Ready to discuss what you need from your next full-service marketing partner? Schedule a consultation today.